Monday, August 26, 2013

I've Moved!

It's been quite some time since my last post, what can I say, I've been enjoying summer vacation! Well now the blog has a new home, and a fancy new look! Come by and check out! (Totally legit and cool now!) All future posts will be at the new site, and as always I'm still on Twitter!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

For The Boys....

I just want to say that I am incredibly proud of this team. I am so overwhelmed with joy, sadness, and pride right now.

Joy, that this team has taken myself and countless others on an incredible and amazing journey these last two years.

Sadness, that the season is over and they won't be able to feel the exhilaration of defending their title.

Pride, because this team gave everything they had out there, and proved to everyone just how amazing they are.

They played their beanbags off today and proved just what warriors they are. After hearing some of the injuries these boys played through, I have to share just a few thoughts with you guys.

First off, the dedication they showed to each other, this team, and this city by showing up and competing each night is unbelievable. They showed up today in Chicago a bruised and beat up bunch, and still gave every ounce of energy and strength they had. They came back twice in this game when it looked like all hope was lost. This team simply didn't care about themselves, they sacrificed everything for each other. This team is resilient and relentless, and I don't think Kings fans want it any other way. They hit harder tonight, they skated faster tonight, and they did things I didn't think they could. They simply did not want it to end. That shows me a hungry team, a team that is willing to do whatever it takes to win. All those things fill my heart with pride and gives me hope for the future.

As we transition now to the off season and next year, I hope that this team learns and grows from their experiences this season. They defended their championship better than many before, and I know they will continue to do great things. I know this stings now, and I hope it lingers until they get to kiss Lord Stanley again. I hope the hunger and passion they have only grows, and they come back healthy and ready to kick ass next year. There are so many great things that can come from losing. While it seems dark now, every single thing that happened this year will make this team better next year. The Cup run was magical, but this season may prove to be even more valuable. This team knows how it feels to win, and how it feels to lose after being at the top. This is something the Blackhawks and Bruins have experienced and learned from, and I have no doubt this team will too.

I just want to say good luck to the Blackhawks, Bruins, and their dedicated fans. Both fan bases know how we feel this year, because they have experienced it themselves. There may not be two more fan bases who can relate to us more actually. Long droughts, followed by amazing championship runs, and of course disappointment the following season(s). They have both returned to the pinnacle, and this team can too. I see a start to something big here, and a future brighter than ever before. While players may leave, and new faces may grace our lineup, they will still be Kings.

They will still wear that jersey with pride.

They will still play for each other.

They will still sacrifice every night.

They will still play for this city.

They will still be Kings.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Playoff Gifs!

I've been in a bit of a gif making mood lately. Mostly because I have sexy new software that makes it easy for me to make them. If you follow me on twitter, then you know it's basically all I've been doing for the last few days. So here's some gifs from the playoffs so far. (don't worry I'll make a jump so you don't kill your computer if you want to read other stuff on the blog.)

Also: I'll be posting more on my Tumblr (basically just pointless gifs, so yea)


Wait how did those last three get in there? 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

"You Got Kronwalled"

I love everything about this little video feature that TSN had on Kronwall and the term coined "Kronwalled". I know this will turn into people bitching about his hits and what not, but WAHHHHH! If he was on your team you would circle jerk to So shut up and enjoy assholes!

Awesome gifs from the video after the jump!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OGOP Does Anaheim: Game 7 Style!

Sunday I attended Game 7 in Anaheim, which concluded one of the most ridiculous hockey weeks of my life. I attended 4 hockey games in 6 days, which included two trips down to Orange County. With a Kings game today at Staples, that makes 5 games in 8 days (yikes!). The things I do for hockey, and creeping, which was the primary reason behind both trips down to Anaheim. So without further adieu, here's OGOP's inaugural creeping on the playoffs post!

(This post is best read while listening to this slightly ridiculous but also awesome Red Wings rap song)

 I beautiful Honda "Ponda" Center. This is literally the only nice thing I will say about the Ducks.

 What an epic pre-game party! 

 Let's do this! 

 Arena built in 1993, jumbotron built in 1972. 

 Jimmy Howard Butt Shot. 
Zero shame. 

No idea what's going on here. 

Cory Emmerton's face. 

 Hey Val! 
So glad you actually showed up to this game! 

 I see you judging me Justin. 


 Yea we all know who I was here to see. 

 I really wish the glass wasn't there because just once I want to touch Zetterberg's hair/beard. 

 I know.....



 Live action shot! 
This may have been Teemu's last NHL game ever, and I'm happy to say I was there. 
Teemu Forever. 

Gustavsson went bare handed on Justin Abdelkader. 

 Second handshake line I've seen live in less than a week! 

 Of course I went to the glass to get a better view. 
Eat shit Ducks. 

Honestly, it's too bad all the Ducks fans left because they were basically saluting every Red Wings fan that came there to troll them. 

Here's some more game pics and gifs, and some other nonsense from the Internets of this glorious day! 

 "Yes I didn't fuck up!" 

 The most asshat pic ever! 

 Corey Perry tears are delicious. 

 Justin Abdelkader scored a short handed breakaway goal...

 I'm so glad he celebrated like he found out he wasn't the father. 


 Not from the game but.....ABBY BUTT! 

 Ben Lovejoy having a Goosegasm! 

 I love you so much Justin Abdelkader! 

 Wait how did this get in here?....


 What a fucking hilarious goal.