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Flavor of the Week: Kris Versteeg

Flavor of the week is weekly feature on this site that will spotlight one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy. Warning: this post will be shallow and girly, but hopefully entertaining, and  maybe you'll learn something! My goal however is to completely objectify him, because hey why not? This week we will be featuring Florida Panthers Right Wing Kris Versteeg.

Some actual facts about Kris
  • Height 5'11"  
  • Weight 183
  • Number: 32
  • Born: May 13th, 1986 (omg his b-day is only two days after mine!!!!) in Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Age 25 (in-case you're bad at math)
  • Selected 134th overall in the 2004 NHL entry draft by the Boston Bruins
  • Was nominated for the Calder Memorial Trophy (rookie of the year) in the 2008-09 season along with Anaheim forward Bobby Ryan and Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Steve Mason.
  • Won the Stanley Cup in 2010 with the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Has played in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Florida Panthers
  • Nicknames: "Steeger", "VerBeauty", "Bitch"( video explanation below)
Ok enough factual crap let's get to what makes Kris so adorable!

Alright I will admit Kris isn't exactly just a flavor of the week for me, he's one of my favorite players. So excuse me if I gush a little too much over him. To show you what I mean just check out some of these videos. Don't worry their not that long, plus they're very funny.

Fun Fact! There were 3 million +  people at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade and rally. Any guy who isn't afraid to make an ass of himself in front of an entire city is instantly swoon worthy.

                                                                      OMG!!!!!!!! Admit it you starting to like the guy.

                                                              Yes Steeger you can be my hero! I'm totally buying this shirt.

                                                             It's OK Kris you don't need to be smart, I still love you.

                                                         The guys grandma sounds like a badass! Must run in the family.

Alright if those didn't convince you maybe my powerful linguistic/Google image search abilities will. Here's a few reasons why Kris gets the ladies going!

Dat Flow!!!!

I mean that's hockey hair! YUM!!
The Jersey Tuck!
Bitches love the jersey tuck!

He's got some filthy moves!

                                             O yes! Between the legs people! Just like....well you know where this is going.

          Richards to Versteeg? This is what dreams are made of.

    Holy shit right!!!??!!!
                             If I'm ever in attendance when Kris scores a hatty, I'm throwing my bra!  
Hamuis, take a seat!!!

He's a "sneaky tough guy"....
                                                                The moment you couldn't hold yourself back anymore.

 He cleans up very well
Hockey players is suits? I need a moment alone.

Awww...he brought his mom to the NHL awards. What a guy!
Now some pics for your enjoyment....

Sexy car? Check. Awesome grey cardigan? Double check!

O to be that mouth guard...sigh.
Glasses? Yes Please!
Flow City!
Yea I know, later though! Call me OK.
Straight warrior mode.
LOL Man Love.
A picture of Kris actually playing hockey. 
Seeing Steeger come up the ice, the goalies natural reaction was to get on his back.
Ironically, this is the same position is was thinking of too.
Shown above: Two unbelievably sexy things.

Kris Versteeg Fun Facts via his Wikipedia page

  • Versteeg has developed a reputation within the NHL for his habit of singing in public, as evidenced by his recitation of a portion of Fergie's "Glamorous" on Mouthpiece Sports, as well as performing an altered version of LMFAO's "Yes" during the Chicago Blackhawks' victory parade. Versteeg also sang Kanye West's verse of the song "American Boy" featuring Estelle in a video clip on Blackhawks TV during his time with the Hawks.[7][8]
  • Versteeg has a tattoo on his bicep that reads 06 • 09 • 10 in commemoration of the date he won the Stanley Cup as a member of the Blackhawks.[9]
  • His name was originally misspelled "Kris Vertseeg" when engraved on the Stanley Cup, but was quickly corrected.[4]
Let's see if there's any other crazy bitches who feel all tingly inside about VerBeauty also. How? Well his talk-sports girlfriend page of course! (PS if you've never looked at one of these I highly suggest you do, probably one of the funniest/creepiest things you will every experience.)

"Don't like him at all. It sucks for him that he plays for a sucky hockey city and hockey doesnt belong in the south. I dont like him and ps he needs to cut his hair" --  She's clearly not feeling the flow

"crazy beans"--Ok?

"Kris Versteeg is one of the most talented players to play the game. He knows what he's doing and makes his teammates have fun in the locker room as well as on the ice. He brings a lot to the table. Easily my favorite NHL player no matter what team he's on. He's a great singer as well what a champ. I hope to see him play in Chicago again. MVP"--Did I write this??

"I'd f*ck him."--I definitely wrote this

 That awkward Red Flag moment
Well everyone has their skeleton's and our boy Kris is no different. The infamous limo incident involving fellow Hawks teammates Patrick Kane, and a very married John Madden (yikes!). link here

Not Steeger's proudest moment. In fact the sunglasses inside the limo, is well extremely douchey. But fear not Kris this one incident does not define you or take away your awesomeness.  We all have moments of regret, and luckily for us the pictures don't live on forever in infamy online. 

Well there you have it folks OGOP's first every Flavor of the Week! What did you think? Any suggestions on who we should drool over next? Hit me up in the comments or via e-mail or Twitter!

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