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Flavor of the Week: Claude Giroux

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be featuring Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux. 

Yes Claude you. I know you're excited about this, I can see it on your eyes.

Some actual facts about Claude
  • 5'11" 172lbs
  • Number: 28
  • Born: January 12th, 1988 in Hearst, Ontario
  • Age: 24
  • Drafted 22nd overall in the 2006 NHL draft by the Philadelphia Flyers
  • Nicknames: G, Roo or Roux?

Ah yes Claude Giroux, what's up? I know what you're thinking "you picked a player I've actually heard of before?". I did, I promised you dirt, and O baby you're gonna get some trust me. But before we get there let's look at what makes Claude so worthy of this pristine title.

Slick Mitts
Claude Giroux may be the reason the Thrashers moved.  They probably couldn't get over being completely undressed by G right there. 

Claude Giroux loves crashing the net. G you can crash my net anytime.

Come on you turned the puck over to Giroux, do you really think he's gonna miss that shot?
Fuck me. Seriously his hands are softer than shit. I feel sorry for any goalie who sees him coming in on them.

He was awesome on 24/7

Chirp city!!!! Honestly I had no idea he had any kind of personality before this show. I approve Claude. 

He's a Cutie!
Normally I don't decribe guys as "cute". It's usually sexy, or hot, or fuck me I would destroy that guy. But I feel like Giroux falls under a cute category, for me at least. He's kinda goofy and I find that endearing. The way I feel about Claude is the way I feel about puppies, they're cute and you want to hug them.

Suit pic!!!!

Serious Claude is Serious.

Or slip through your panties to score on your vagina.

Sup baby!

It sort of looks like someone knocked him down on the playground and took his ice cream.

That suit is ridiculous.

He's checking out some chicks ass or tits right now for sure.

What a fanboy! Lol seriously though Karlsson is adorable!

OK here is where I do the Talk-sports girlfriend page thing. Usually there's comments about how he's hot or he's a jerk, etc. So I went there expecting some stories about him since he's a pretty big profile guy, but I had no idea. Buckle up!

This is how this shitfest started. It took me a while to get through all these crazy bitches stuff, but I've broken it down for you. Your Welcome!

"I feel bad for him.  Why did she post their text conversation? Its not like it was anything bad, but if hes a private guy, he wouldnt want her twitter followers to read that. Shes obviously a blabber, and shes going to tweet about everything they do. What a jerk."--OK apparently there's some girl G wants to fuck on twitter and she posted their convo. Got it. Moving on.

"haha.  she "deleted" her twitter!"--Why are you looking her up on twitter?

"Twitter is the best cock blocker"--I lol'd at this

"She did him and I'm guessing he saw her little twitter photo and dm'ed her. She immediately started talking about becoming an NHL wife. Pretty dumb to tweet all that stuff"--haha this is getting good

"he probably doesn't care because its a one night weird i never pictured him a girl that looks like that, i pictured him more with a girl next door, but have you checked his fb? i think every pretty girl on the planet is on his friends joke." --So your surprised a 24 year old millionaire athlete bones every slutty girl he can? I'm shocked.

"I like her Photos with the screen shot of G nagging her and a caption that reads "wanna know why I'm the ultimate puck slut? Look who popped in to say hello. #allstar #G. Atta girl. Make your daddy proud as carbomb would say."--This is where it really starts to take off grab your popcorn ladies and gents! (FYI your daddy is not proud)

"I really hope he's not so pumped up in this game because she's there. He just tweeted something about it"--he's gonna get laid, yes he's pumped.

"Well he won't be so pumped up after when he meets her and sees how beat she is. Her skin is a nice shade of orange tho" --He likes orange, he plays for the Flyers. Duh!

Someone then posted some tweets this girl sent out.
I only blame one thing for tonight's loss. And that thing shall remain nameless--You suck at blowjobs?

  BK @Britt__Alexis
I think I have a date this weekend? That's weird. Free drinks and food, i'll take it.--I wonder what she's talking about?

Then someone posted a picture of the screencap she took from her and Claude's convo on twitter.

"Sorry, never insult the man's team mates. She was talking smack about Bryz"--O snap!

"Of course he saw it A guy (my new hero) tweeted everything to him and even said why do you talk to girls on tweeter like this. I Sure he had no problem finding a Girl to come to the game last night. Still can't believe how dumb and immature she is -she could've been part of the Roo-Crew but her bragging and blabbing ruined that. A phase use by the G man himself " Fu•k that Sh•t". G" --Delusional girl on a message board talking smack about a delusional girl from Twitter *head explodes*

"I hope he didn't give her the tickets....i hope he is smarter than that. What did he reply to the guy that wrote him asking why he talks to girls like that."--He gave her tickets? Nice touch G! And his response to the "guy" asking him that on twitter was obviously a picture of him getting blown. 

"Ya, i think we need to get over the britt girl. Besides he is following some other girls now."--awww you mean the random girl he met on twitter wasn't his soul mate? I am disapoint. 

"oh wow, that twitching was really bad...maybe its nerves cause hes not that bad anymore. and tourettes doesn't go away."--First he's hooking up with chicks on twitter now he had Tourette's? this site never disappoints. 

"Maybe he has something with a girl back home - but doubt if anything it's serious, I find it weird he follows girl for like 2 days, and its girls who tweet him - then he follows for a few days, then unfollows...long enough to get their number or invite them to a game. Think about it he doesn't have to say much to get girls....if hes looking for a hook up.If a girl tweets him - and he finds her hot. Done and done. "--Amazing! If any athletes wanna know how the twitter hook-up game works, here's your how-to!

"He may not be perfect, but I must say... He's pretty darn close!"--That's sweet! Way to be a good person, I'm sure Claude appreciates it. 

It seems the girlfriends board is back to it's normal crazy level. But thanks ladies that was great for the blog! 

Ok that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed the craziness this week! Got an idea of who I should feature next? Leave it in the comments or hit me up via e-mail or Twitter!

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