Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flavor of the Week: David Booth

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be featuring Vancouver Canucks left wing David Booth. 

Chris Higgins gets the full Booth embrace, jealousy ensues. 

Some actual facts about David
  • 6'0" 212 lbs
  • Born November 24th, 1984 in Detroit, Michigan
  • Age 27
  • Number: 7
  • Drafted 53rd overall by the Florida Panthers in the 2004 NHL draft
  • Has played in the NHL for the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks
  • Nicknames: Boothy or is it Boothie?, Prince Charming (lol), Grizzly (haha)

When I was thinking about doing this Flavor of the Week feature I honestly never thought I would do one about somebody from the Canucks. Why? Well honestly I try not to be biased, but I don't really like them. But this feature isn't about what jersey a guy wears, honestly I'd be OK if he wasn't wearing a jersey, or pants, as long as he's not Brian Campbell. David's barely a Canuck anyway, for me he'll always be a Panther! 
The lighting of this photo is amazing, probably just the gleam from his amazing smile. *swoon*

One of my favorite player pics of all time, just so epic.
I miss you on Florida! It's seriously hard to watch him in a Canucks jersey, but I will try and soldier through it. Fun Fact! I watch Canucks games and only root for Booth, it's an interesting roller coaster of emotion. Try it sometime. Speaking of emotions David isn't a guy that's afraid to show his. Honestly I normally don't like guys who get teary-eyed, it kind weirds me out, maybe because I never cry. I hate it. However, when I read the article about Booth breaking down in tears after he got traded from Florida I felt for him, it made me sad. Maybe I was sad too and that's why hearing how emotional he got triggered my own feelings. Whatever the reason you got to love a guy who loves his team enough to cry over them. He's the definition of a player who "wears his heart on his sleeve". Here's the article, you can't read that and not like him more, it's impossible. Ok enough sad shit, let's move on to why he's so amazing!

That smile!!!!!
The ladies love them some Boothy!!!!

Seriously what player looks that good in their profile pic????

David Booth in a suit, yea I need a minute.

That smile, that hair???? Why do you play for Vancouver??? WHY??????

O the flow!!!
Yay more suit pics!!!

David Booth runs his hand through his hair....and I'm dead.

I swear his hair has gotten MORE blonde in Vancouver.
He's a Gamer!!!!
                                           I love this goal, doesn't give up on the play, gets the penalty shot and is clutch even in hostile territory. 

                                                 What a play! I love the Panthers announcers too, so good, very underrated.  
                                                                      The spin-o-rama!!!!! Sick Mitts Boothy!!!! 
 I love when Booth crashes the net, just so sexy!
More gratuitous pics, including one with a puppy!!!!!
Game Face!!!!

O my sweet jebus yes! I've never been more turned on by someone in a Canucks jersey ever!


Kill that man David!!!!

Suck it! David Booth owns you!

Umm...why are you looking around his ass? You have the best view in the house!

Boothy loves having the puck on his stick. I love Boothy's stick. 
The man is a warrior!
I love David Booth, this is a given, but I'm also a Kings fan. Why are these things conflicting? Well they weren't until this summer when the Kings acquired Mike Richards. Don't get me wrong I love Richards now, but before draft day last year I didn't. Why? Well if you've never seen the hit here it is. Pre-warning: I can't watch this video, I've seen this hit a lot, and I honestly just can't watch it anymore. 

Look I know it's hockey, it's fast, shit gets crazy out there, but Richards went for the head. Booth left on a stretcher, and had a lengthy concussion, some people thought his career was in jeopardy. This hit happens this year, Richards sits for a loooong time. I hated Richards after this, I know he said he didn't mean to do it, but I still hated him. I now love Richards, honestly my favorite King, weird how things work out right? Richards isn't a bad guy, he even maned up and fought Booth after he came back after the concussion. 
You can tell Richards wanted no part of this fight, but he knew he fucked up and had to do it. Good commentary by the Florida announcers by the way. 

David Booth Fun Facts (via his Wikipedia page)
Are there any other crazy bitches who have lady boners over Booth too? Let's find out, how? By checking his talk sports girlfriend page of course! If you've never checked one out I highly suggest you do. Honestly hilarious/disturbing all at the same time, good times. 

"I'm not too sure Booth likes girls!" --Probably turned her down

"Ive seen some things... keep waiting for someone else to post picture proof though, not sure I feel right about it (and you all should know by now how these guys roll, come on...)"  and in response"that he may like boys" -- David must really not like desperate girls who throw themselves at him, clearly he's gay

"i am a family friend.. david and the booths are great people. a wonderful sexy family"-- while i doubt her/his? validity I don't question the opinion

"I would definitely date him" -- get in line sister!

"He's not really that nice... he's ok, though not too smart. He's the low-brow type. I think if you aren't part of the midwestern hunting community (as many of us urban types aren't), you'd find the things he likes and thinks are funny kind of brutal. It colors your view of him when you find out too much about what  he does to animals (goes a bit beyond just hunting a deer for sport or some such). Just my opinion. " --Like I've stated before, don't care if he's smart, and I love dead animal flesh, most animals suck anyway kinda glad he shoots them. Visual of David Booth with a gun killing animals for dinner, yea I'm ok with this. 

"MMMMM David Booth is soooo cute And such a great player! Its sad he had such an unfortunate season! But yeah I'd date him anyday. Everyone feels so bad for him. He such a nice guy and he's so religious he didn't deserve it. You guys can say all you want. He's a faithful christian and he's incredibly sweet and soo cute. End of story. " --Ah he's religious, makes sense why he doesn't fuck every skank on the planet. And yes he is sooooooo cute MMMMMMM. 

That awkward Red Flag moment
Here's where I need to apologize for picking two kinda boring/perfect guys two weeks in a row. I promise I'll pick someone who has some dirt next week. But he's super religious, which I'm not really that into, but it does mean he's probably a good guy (which I am very much into). Plus he's awesome on Twitter! Seriously he's pretty funny

Just watched modern family. I thought it was a comedy show? Didn't laugh once. bring back Michael Scott Seinfeld Beavis&Butthead (agreed)

Loved your tweet! but your crazy. is to beautiful for guys like me. (don't know who the chick they're tweeting about is, but I promise she's not too hot for you)

Just got bit by a dog trying to get onto an elevator. The worst part? The owner closed the door and didn't say anything! (haha his rebuttal is the tweet below)

Ate a hot dog today on purpose (hahahaha I love this guy)

Congrats to the Allstars- Eddy and the twins(who I still can't tell apart) (so glad he jobbed the Sedin's on twitter)

As a kid always thought boxing day was boxing as in fighting day. #ko (me too, don't worry we're not Canadian lol)

Well not gonna lie I've done the shake weight workout before. made me do it. (hahahahahahahaha yes)


 Ok guys that's it! (sorry kinda long this week lol). So what did you think? Any suggestions on who should be featured in the future? Leave them in the comments, or send them via e-mail or Twitter! 


  1. "Visual of David Booth with a gun killing animals for dinner" kinda turns me on...

    1. I know it's best not to think about it when driving or operating heavy machinery lol.