Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flavor of the Week: James Neal

Flavor of the week is a weekly feature here at OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him so crush-worthy! Warning: this post will be girly, shallow, and possibly make some male readers uncomfortable! I will try however to make this post semi-informative and entertaining. This week we will be featuring Pittsburgh Penguins left wing James Neal. Enjoy!
Geno congratulates James on his selection of flavor of the week.

Some actual facts about James

  • 6'2" 208lbs
  • Born Sept 3rd, 1987 in Whitby, Ontario
  • Age 24
  • Number: 18
  • Drafted 33rd overall in the 2005 NHL Draft by the Dallas Stars
  • Has played in the NHL for the Dallas Stars, and Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Selected to the 2012 NHL All-Star game
  • Nickname: The Real Deal 

James Neal hasn't always been an All-Star, in fact most people hadn't heard of him until this season. Why? Well he played in Dallas for one, and two he's never had a year quite like this one. He's on pace for a career year, and while playing along side superstar Evgeni Malkin, has formed one of the leagues best duos. But flavor of the week isn't just about what a guy can do on the ice, there are many factors that determine who will get this high honor. Like, for example, how talented a guy is at the "hair flip"
I give that hair flip a 10 out of 10

Yes, the judging of this is very difficult, but hey I do this for you. Of course attractiveness isn't the only thing I look at, I'm not that shallow, but it doesn't hurt. Below I will show you just why James is so worthy of this title, and why you should really be paying more attention to him.

Filthy snipe skills
                                                                            Geno to Neal is how babies are made. 
                                                                                                Sweet Jebus!
                                                                                            Snipe Cityyyyyy

All of Neal's goals basically come from below the face-off dots. He's the definition of a sniper, he has what the cool kids call "filthy mitts". The guy just knows how to put the puck in the net, and it turns the ladies on! (And if you know anything about me, nothing gets me going more than a filthy sniper.) 

He's adorable!!!

Seriously how pretty is he?

Sup James Neal.

James shown here in game mode.

James is not impressed.

What's up beautiful?

Despite the Dallas jersey I'm still turned on.

Dear Santa, I've been naughty.

Shown above: Neal about to snipe the shit out of someone.

OMG look at those puppies!!!!

How is anyone supposed to compete with this shit???

Even Jordan Staal wants a piece!

 James Neal Fun Facts!!!
Via his Wikipedia page

Are they any other crazy bitches who feel the way I do about James Neal? Let's find out! How? By checking his talk sports girlfriend page of course! Seriously if you've never checked one of these out I highly suggest you do, easily one of the most hilarious/terrifying things on the Internet. 
"i seriously watched and read every interview possible (like a stalker......) and he never talked about girls or a girlfriend or anything =/" --"like a stalker" LOL

"He's never been famous enough for anyone to care, until now." --Ridiculously accurate for this site

"Oh my god those eyes...........Why is he so adorable???????"-- hahaha wow literally brought to tears!

"James Neal doesnt have a little dick.  He has a vagina.  At least he shaves it though."-- How dare you speak ill of James!!!!

"So basically he has a girlfriend and he cheats on her and hes single even though she moved to Pittsburgh for him?"--hahaha I love crazy bitches

"Lol remember the 5 questions on the pens players interview? The question for neal was "What is the best meal you can cook?". He replied "I definitly do not cook, I eat out every night"--He eats out every night....... best piece of info ever obtained on the Internet. 

That awkward Red Flag warning
Guess what? There isn't one! Despite my awesome investigating skills (lol) there's no dirt. So he's pretty much perfect. Hurray!

There you have it OGOP's Flavor of the Week James Neal! Have any suggestions for who we should feature next? Leave it in the comments or send them via e-mail or on Twitter! 


  1. I just found this and it made me smile. James Neal is seriously pretty and a very talented hockey player. Thanks for all your research! :)

  2. no sexy pics....james neal is not impressed...

    1. LOL I know James wasn't exactly super well known when I did this. I'll have to feature him again at some point, hopefully more inappropriate photos have surfaced by then lol.

    2. Pic of James with his shirt coming undone.

  3. Thanks for that pic, I love you!

  4. Pic of shirtless james. Small but worth seeing.

    1. Nice, I'm always down for a good shirtless picture!