Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Got the Hots for Hockey Nerds!

I love hockey, this is a given, but I'm also a math major (nerd alert!). I know a girl who spends enough time online to sustain a blog is a nerd, shocking I'm sure. So of course when I hear about anything nerdy and hockey related I loose my shit, figuratively of course. I recently discovered Dave's Geeky Hockey, it's a blog run by a guy who makes geeky hockey jerseys. Score! Here's some of the awesomeness he offers.
That Pokemon jersey is happening, not even fucking around here.
I mean holy nerd balls! If he makes a storm trooper jersey I will flip the fuck out! There's so much more on his old blog Dave's Geeky Ideas. This guy is my hero!

But there is something that is more awesome than geeky hockey sweaters, and that's nerdy hockey players! I know I'm not alone when I say I like a player much more when I find out he's a huge nerd. It proves that even big dorks can be professional athletes, and that makes me happy. Pass it to Bulis did their always awesome research about the uber-nerd known as Cody Hodgson.
Cody looks exactly like Liev Schreiber.

Here's a little taste of nerd Cody.

Who listens to music on their Bluetooth? Nerds that's who!

"According to Brad Ziemer, Cody Hodgson was one of them:
I started really young,” [Hodgson] said. “My dad taught my brother and I the game and we have always played against each other and friends. I was actually in the chess club growing up until high school and then I didn’t have a lot of time to play competitively. I enjoy it. I like the mental aspect of it.”

He still plays a lot. If you ever see him staring into his cell phone, he’s probably not texting a friend. He’s playing chess.

No friends? Chess by himself? NERD ALERT."

Fun fact! I also was in chess club. Cody and I would have awesome nerd conversations I'm sure of it (Or we would just sit silently for hours playing chess).

That's my room Spiderman! Jackass!

Another awesome nerd is Jason Spezza.
Yes you're a mega goober, embrace it!

Just listen to this laugh and tell me you're not imagining his role in the next Revenge of the Nerds movie.
I love Jason Spezza.

My Boyfriend.

But the king of all hockey nerds has to be Phil Kessel. Seriously if you haven't experienced Kessel's social awkwardness you are missing out. Luckily for you I have compiled some of his pure uncomfortable greatness.
So much awesome.
Kessels awkward smile makes me giggle.

I feel bad for the guy sometimes, but this was just pure gold. 

You can tell a person is a nerd when they refuse to make eye contact. Kessel avoids looking at the guy interviewing him and the camera the whole time, almost too uncomfortable to watch.
I love you Phil Kessel. Never change.

Wow, just wow. Awkward around girls? Check. Super embarrassing laugh? Double check!

Stay nerdy guys!

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