Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Vancouver Canucks: A Love Story

Let me start this out by saying I'm in no way a Vancouver Canucks fan. My hate for the Canucks stems back to the Naslund-Bertuzzi days. Keep that in mind while you read this. I do however rip on the Canucks too much here. So in order to balance this shit out I will explain to you my recent twisted love-fest with the "most hated team in the league".

I still hate you, I'm just confused.

I'm scared, seriously scared. Maybe David Booth is clouding my judgement on this. I don't know how long I've had these feelings, maybe they date further back, maybe I'm a closet Canucks fan. O God I'm scared, someone slap me seriously! The other day I rooted for the Canucks to win a game. I know blasphemy! Well they were playing the Sharks, so I guess it's not thaaaat bad, but it still felt dirty. I mean I felt like I was doing something wrong, I felt like I needed a shower after. For some dumb reason that set off a terrible trigger in my brain and now I want to root for the Canucks. I don't even know. I feel like one of those dumb girls who likes a guy because she knows they're bad and it's the wrong thing to do. I've never been that girl, but for some reason I find myself liking the Canucks lately. I must get to the bottom of this, IT HAS TO STOP!!!! OK so I'm now going to post awesome things I love about the Canucks, hopefully at the end I will have established what it is I find so irresistible.

I love their jerseys
Ok I like the home and away, but LOVE the alternate! 
So sexy! 

The only jersey I love more is the 40th anniversary jersey they wore last year. OMG it's amazing!!! I need one! If anyone wants to buy we one, or has an extra one they would like to donate to me, please do. They wore it the first game of the year last season when the Kings wore their purples. It was hockey jersey sex!

I love everything about these jerseys. The stripes are classy, the color scheme is flawless. There's no name plate on the back just the number, sexiness. I love the old logo, yea it's kinda plain, but it's perfect. The best part about these however, the "V" on the sleeves. It cuts right through the stripes on the sleeve. If this was their regular jersey I would have no choice but to be a fan.

The Sedin's are really good at hockey (duh!)
                                                                       I love between the legs goals, this isn't a secret.  

                                                                     I love between the goalie's legs passes also. Unbelievable.
                                         Hahaha they make other teams just look silly. Every clip on youtube is basically amazing. 

Their players are hilarious
Seriously, they're funny. From the Keslurk to Bieksa's smirk they are really likable guys. Here's some proof. 

First off, Ryan Kesler's body is amazing! Now that that's out of way, I love how they take jabs at each other. You can tell then genuinely like on another, and aren't shy with the media like most hockey player. 
This video is from Pass it to Bulis. I'll get to them later, but this video shows the creepiness that is the "Keslurk". The song easily makes this more creepy, but what a freak Kesler is right? Again I'm loving the hockey players with actually personality. 

Actually a pretty good impression. If you've never heard Hansen speak see the video below. 
Awesome Keslurk in the back as well. Seriously what is wrong with him???

What is he doing? Is it a bet? Just trolling the TV people? Who knows only Kevin Bieksa really knows what happened. 

Here's some more stuff:
"Milk Hot Dogs" <-- Easily one of the reason's Kevin Bieksa is awesome

Embrace the Hate
Usually I agree that Canucks are dirty, soft, blah, blah, but since everyone else seems to be jumping on the Canucks hate wagon I may be jumping off. Like a lot of their fans I'm feeling this embrace the hate mantra. Since they are so easy to hate, let's check out some of it shall we. 
Ryan Kesler did this
I love this shit! So funny this crap went wild on HFBoards, Pass it to Bulis even did an article about it. 
Thomas doesn't hate Obama, he hates Kesler.

So proud of himself here.

Fuck you Kesler!

Kesler hates Chicago!
   More hate

Taking a bite out of hate!

 There's so much more out there but I'm too lazy to go get it. You don't need to go far to find it. Just use the Google machine and it will spew out tons of Vancouver hate your way. 

Pass it to Bulis
Yes one site can make you like a team! Look it's not just Pass it to Bulis, most Canucks fans and bloggers are awesome. Unfortunately the ones who decide to come down to Staples Center every year aren't. They give these guys a bad name. Pass it to Bulis rocks! I spent literally two hours there the other night. I kid you not. I think I may have a problem. In all seriousness you should check it out, very funny and honest. The biggest complaint from fans of other teams seems to be that Canucks fans, and players, are always whining and complaining. Well if you want honest and hilarious Canucks information Pass it to Bulis is the place. I like it better than some sites about the Kings. Shhhh...don't tell anyone!

The Man Love
This is a post about love right? Well I'm in love with their love! I want in on it! I feel like it's bordering on creepy sometimes, but whatever I want me some hot Canuck action!
Serious love here.
Hahaha gross.

Just when you think that pic can't get any creepier.

Higgins will hug you. It is going to happen.

Another PITB masterpiece.


Reverse hug!!

What a cute couple.


David Booth and "Kiss Huggins" are feeling the love.
Serious production value
I'm jealous of the Canucks intro. Maybe because it's the epic light show, or cool screens that drop down. Maybe it's the U2 song as the intro. That used to be the song used by the Kings when I was a kid, it brings back amazing memories. I miss it. Whatever it is makes me wanna jump on a plane and dish out way too much money for a ticket. I also can't stop singing their goal song! "bang, bang, bang, bang, vamanos, vamanos!" DAMMIT!!!!
OK so maybe I should just admit it I like the Canucks. I should embrace this like the rest of their fans. Uggg...I don't want to, but it's so damn hard not to like these guys. The games are exciting, the fans are loud, the production values are unreal. I'm sure this will pass, but for now I'm just gonna ride this weird wave I'm on. Hi I'm Brigitte and I love the Canucks! Hey they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery right? 


  1. Damn, this shit is funny...and God knows this Canucks fangirl needs a laugh right now (I've always felt special contempt for the kings going back to the early 90s...down 3-0 would only be more painful against the Bruins...Shudder) anyway, thanks for this! Next time you come up here, first round is on me...and Go Canucks!!! Whoooo!! And btw, I totally rock my jersey...

    1. Thanks i'm glad I could help. I really like the Canucks and this series has been hard to watch for me too. I was at the game last night and I was a total Canucks fangirl lol. I went over to their side for warm-ups and took unlimited pictures, it's been a weird time for me.

    2. I wish I could go to a game...any game. I wish I could get up close enough to whisper sweet nothings (or tell them to get their asses in gear)....but alas, it's not meant to be. I hear it's actually cheaper to fly to LA, get a hotel, eat and get tickets than it is to get two tix to a Canucks game...parking NOT wonder everyone hates us, I hate those damn people in the stands too...
      btw, David Booth is my new obsession. I currently share my pod at work with Ryan Kesler in his underwear
      ...but, if I could find something similar of our favorite Jesus-loving boyfriend, you'd see some more of that famous Canuck man-love with me in the middle...having said that, Kevin Bieksa does bear a striking resemblance to my husband, but where's the fun in lusting after what you already have??

      See you Sunday....
      (i just don't have any of those accounts, I'm not really anonymous)

    3. I love Booth I feel like I've converted a lot of people to become Booth fangirls haha. I went to game 3 in LA and I went over to the Canucks side just to see them lol. Not gonna lie these guys are even better up close, I have 130 pictures from warm-ups I got pretty excited to say the least.