Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flavor of the Week: Gabriel Landeskog

 Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be focusing on Colorado Avalanche Left Wing Gabriel Landeskog. 

Yep it's that time again. There's a new Flavor of the Week, and two weeks in a row it's a flawless Swede. You're welcome ladies. This week's selection came from @TangerGirl58 on Twitter. You can also thank her for some of the awesome photos featured below, specifically the shirtless ones. OK let's get to why everyone is love with Landeskog!

Some Actual Facts about Gabriel
  • 6'1" 204 lbs
  • Born November 23rd, 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Age: 19 (Wow that's young....but still legal, so it's OK, right?)
  • Drafted 2nd overall in the 2011 NHL draft by the Colorado Avalanche
  • Nicknames: Gabe, Landy

Swedish Clutch
Is there any other rookie as clutch as Gabe? Seriously this kid is just so money.
Another clutch goal. Seriously where would the Avs be without this kid?
Gabe's first goal should have been a omen to the rest of the league. Gabriel Landeskog will score on you, it's going to happen.   
Tweet me Landy!
I often talk about how funny some of these guys are on Twitter or in interviews or something. Gabe is definitely one of the better personalities out there. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that he's Swedish. His English is spot on, and he seems to understand American humor pretty well too. 
Jokes about old balls are always funny.

Do it Gabe! Get some!

LOL I'm down if you are.

Unintentionally hilarious. Maybe his grip on English isn't there quite yet.

Anyone else ready to go work for that hotels cleaning staff?

Gross. LOL.

I'm sure there are few other ways to show your female fans you appreciate them.

First off, LOL this is real? Second, kudos for having the balls to let everyone know where you live.

Boner City!

O yes we do.

What is it with guys and yoga pants. I wear them everyday because I'm lazy. Weirdos.

Haha chirpy chirp.

Party Time! I bet Gabe is a blast when he's drunk.

BRB dying of laughter.

Haha Landeskoging? Awesome.


I KNEW IT!!!!!

LOL. This kid is a stud, everyone know it.

Gabe is a Babe
Yes you silly! You're so cute.

This is the "there's a hot blonde in the front row" look of focus.

This is photo shopped right? No one is that flawless.

O hey there! Nice suit!

Hey Gabe I won't make you serve me food. I can make you some awesome breakfast, as long as you're naked though. In bed.

O RLY? OK if that's the way you prefer it.

Sure normal people just look off into the distance with wonder like that. Stop being perfect.

Nerdy glasses? You just know what I like don't you?

Yep you definitely know what I like.

This pic if for the ladies that dig guys who are good with kids. Enjoy.

That shirt is just a little too tight. I thank you for that Gabe.

This might be the only proof Landy is actually Swedish.

The Swedish Chef sure had a sexy kid.

Every picture of Gabriel Landeskog is gorgeous. Fact.

You look cold. We can fix that.

"What's that? I'm sexy? Yea I know."

This seems about the right girl-to-Gabe ratio I was expecting.

Yo Jack we're friends, but if you fuck up Landeskog's face we're gonna have a problem.

 I can't tell if Gabe just needs bigger shirts or if he's doing this on purpose to show off his guns.

What's that? It's no gonna what itself? O you mean give you a blowie, O OK.

You are not 19! God Damn those Swedish genes!

I can't even right now.

This is just unacceptable. You with an adorable puppy, it's just.....too much. Need a moment.
It's time for every one's favorite part of Flavor of the Week! Yep let's see what crazy bitches are saying about Gabe over at his Talk-Sports girlfriend page. These wonderful women I'm sure have some insight to him, as they always do. Enjoy!

OK I'm gonna be honest I felt a little weird about doing the girlfriend page thing just because he's so young but then I ran across this gem online. 
Yep that's a direct message from Gabe to some chick on Twitter. She felt the need to post it online. I swear I'm gonna start a Twitter with a semi-slutty picture of myself and just start tweeting hockey players and see how long it takes for one of them to DM me. I might start a contest about it or something. Pick the winner and I'll buy you a shirt or some shit. Might be something fun to do to combat off-season boredness. Twitter is the new way for these guys to hook up with chicks apparently. OK now to the crazy bitches!

"If he is taken hes not a very good bf.. Seeing as he flirted with me at an avs game."-- I wasn't aware players flirted with fans during the game. But hey he's a rookie. 

"Hes single. His ex brunette girlfriend and him broke up about 2 days before valentines day and has been single since then"-- Ah the old break-up before Valentine's. I somehow don't doubt this being true, very typical guy move.

"ive talked to gabe. he is single. he says he is single and acts single. he isnt dating that nicole girl."--Girls remember conversations that happen in your head are not real. Please stop posting them online, thanks. 

"lol i dont think he would date someone who is 300 pounds"--Hey who knows right? Maybe he's learning about women from Shane O'Brien. I Kid I Kid.....

"OMG people.. you honestly have no lives! she is not dating him, they don't even talk anymore so leave them alone and realize that you will never get these NHL players.
Stop judging people, stop creeping people, and stop stalking people. You are all crazy. Who cares about any of this!"--AHHHH!!! LOUD NOISES!!!! Why are you crushing their sad pathetic dreams? Come on now, I need material for the blog. 

"NICE BONER GABRIEL"--What? O you mean from the picture posted. Yea nice boner lol. 
Yep sometimes this site is alright. Keep on stalking ladies!
That's it folks! Once again if you have a suggestion for a player to feature on Flavor of the Week e-mail me or hit me up on Twitter!


  1. Gosh this freaking made my week. I think I'm gonna just stare at the pics. Dayum this kid is fine! Thanks for all your hard work and research. I'm sure it was brutal. ;) Loved this!!

    1. yes my research is very difficult, but hey someone's gotta do it lol

  2. i just had an eyegasm..i jeez...can i just make his breakfast.on his abs. preferably after a night in my bed..please..(too creepy??)hahahaha

    I can't even right now.

  3. Oh this boy brings out the cougar in'm 26)i think the scariest thing about him though is that he will only get better looking with age! its just not fair!. Hold onto your panties

    1. Cougar???? You're only a few years older than him honey, so what are you talking about?

      Your comment would suit me, I'm in my 40s LOL ;)

  4. There is a video on YouTube of him training shirtless... ummmm

    1. I believe that is a sign there is a God.

  5. Hey could you do a flavor of the week on Sidney Crosby? Thanks so much for showing me even more yummy shots of gabriel:-) !

    1. Once I start doing Flavor of the Week again (prob at the start of the season) I'm sure I'll feature Sid.

  6. you are my new favorite i totally love your blog

  7. i'm not a blogger but i think i have to follow this.

    i think gabe's descended from above. literally, out of this world...

  8. this was the biggest waste of a blog ever... ridiculously shallow and slutty.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Thank you for your constructive feedback. I always strive for excellence here, and I thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule of popping zits and pleasuring yourself to pictures of your sister and/or brother to leave me such an excellent comment. I would however like to direct you to the disclaimer at the beginning of the post. It very clearly states what is going to be discussed. Don't worry, I know someone with the reading comprehension of a boil on a horses ass sometimes needs a little help. I'm always here to answer questions, and feel free to send all future inquiries to Have a wonderful day!

    2. So women aren't supposed to show any kind of outward admiration towards men otherwise they're shallow sluts, good to know. Shaddup anon. By the way, I only found this blog by googling this players name, I know nothing about Hockey but saw a pic of him and got curious - -great post/blog!

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