Monday, March 12, 2012

Flavor of the Week: Tyler Seguin

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be focusing on Boston Bruins Center Tyler Seguin! Pre-warning this weeks Flavor of the Week is NSFW! Seriously you don't want your boss to see you checking out some on these pictures.

"Did you hear I'm the new Flavor of the Week? I'm so excited! Hug me! Wooooooooo!"

Yes folks it's that time of week once again! I know you're excited, I can see it in your eyes. This weeks flavor of the week is Boston Bruins Center Tyler Seguin! Woot! Why Tyler? Well read on and you'll find out.

Some Actual facts about Tyler
  • 6'1" 182lbs
  • Born January 31st, 1992 in Brampton, Ontario
  • Age: 20
  • Number: 19
  • Drafted 2nd overall in the 2010 NHL draft by the Boston Bruins
  • Nicknames: Segs, Ty
Sick Moves Tyler
If you haven't seen Tyler Seguin play yet, you're seriously missing out. This kid has got some serious skill. I love watching players develop into superstars, and Tyler is only going to get better. 
    If you watched the playoffs last season you most likely saw this amazing game by Seguin. Just a mere glimpse of what's to come I'm sure.
Aww Tyler's first ever hatty. Definitely bra throwing worthy. Just saying.
O yes top shelf snipe. Delicious. Assist to Jack Edwards commentary LOL.
LOL at the "Thank You Kessel" chant and the "quick release" talk. Quick release is good on the ice, just not so much off of it.

You're just a Cutie
I know you're adorable.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the Stanley Cup is the sexiest thing ever.

Pure joy and love.

"Hi I'm Tyler can I take your order?" Me-"Umm yes you without your shirt" Tyler-"O yea there's plenty of that to go around."

Look at you in your suit. Such a cutie.

Suck it bitches.
Serious Bromance
I love hockey bromances. Seriously there is nothing more adorable than two men who have professed their love for each other without any shame. Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand have a serious relationship going on. I mean these two are involved. 
Awww true love.

Look at these two. I better be invited to the wedding.

LOL that face.

Always and Forever.

Ference wants in on the love.

No Adam you can't have Brad. He's Tyler's back off!!!

Jeez get a room you two.

"I can't wait to celebrate this with you! Just you, in the shower."

Awww Matchers!!!

I hope this is in their wedding vows.

Matchers again!!! What a couple.

O yes, I'm sure you've eaten a lot of things off that ass.
Party Animal!!!
Here's where I have to tell you it's NSFW. Not that you haven't seen a lot of these photos before, but I'm sure your boss would be seriously disturbed if they caught you looking at this. You've been warned. 
That girls boobs are out of control right now. Wow Mama!

Smoking's bad mmkay....

Get some Tyler. LOL at that weird hipster guy.

Matching tattoos? I hope they say "made for each other".

Trust me you don't want me to photo shop this.

Tyler pulls a seriously strong girl to guy ratio.

How dare you cheat on Tyler!!!! What a jerk!

The ladies love them some Segs.

I don't like where those pants are going right now.

This is the "Bitch I'm Tyler Fucking Seguin" pose.

Come on Segs seal the deal buddy.

These two do everything together. EVERYTHING *wink wink*

No idea what Tyler's doing here, but I love it.

Wait your shirt's on? I'm confused.

You know what happened after this I'm sure.

Yes I know that belongs to Tyler. We all know.
Alright it's that time again! Yes it's time to dwell with those lovely ladies over a Tyler Seguins Talk-Sports girlfriend page. Based on the photos above I really hope these ladies don't disappoint. Let's see what these crazy bitches have up their sleeve, shall we?

"tyler told me himself hes dating a girl from vancity....he was txting her all night in philly so trust me when i say theres something going on there"--OK clearly this girl has the inside track on Tyler. I mean she posted this on a random forum, they're obviously BFFs

 "last time i saw seguin fly into the vancouver airport was late december around christmas so if he is actually dating her he comes to see her every now and then"--OK Stalker.

"He's not dating the girl from vancouver. . . he just likes her. My bros friends with seguin."--That's cool. Your Bros his friend...LOL I can't even take this shit seriously anymore. 

"YEA ! likee fck people.. i mean the only reason i know he likes this girl is because i was listening into Segs talk to my brother about her through the door of my basement and i will continue to do this lol..and yes exaactlyy ! if he gets a girlfriend im sure we will know about it . plus he and his sister always tweet hes single-- lucky girl though;; from what i have heard him say , he really likes her"--OK one, why would Tyler Seguin be in your basement? Are you keeping him there against his will? And two, LOL. 

"Cool story bro. Tell it again. "-- I promise I didn't write this, but whoever did thank you.

"Hahaha that girl from Ajax Ontario is the girl I was talking about that claims she's dating Tyler. I don't wanna give her name because a few months everyone found out and it went crazy. But this girl is delusional. She literally thinks she's dating him. When Tyler dated his ex girlfriend, she literally came to see him every month for a week at a time. She even flew in with his family on occasion, but this girl from Ajax, who thinks she's a model cause she has men take pictures of her basically naked, never sees him. She looks like trailer trash and has a lip piercing. She thinks they're in an actual relationship and it's hilarious."-- (Slow Clap) You ma'am are a motha fuckin all-star. 

OK that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed this terrifying journey as much as I did. As always if you have a suggestion for who I should feature next drop it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter!     


  1. SO i was surfing the net on tyler & came across this page.. to the mother fucker who made this page about him... you are my FUcking Hero bro!!!!! I fucking love Segs and would do just about anything to get in his pants... but besides that... to who ever made this page... ----> fucking amazing !!!

  2. This just made me laugh. I have a major hate-crush on Marshy.

    I love the fact that they are such drunken fools.

  3. this made me laugh so much


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