Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Links! I'm (internet) Famous!

What's up people! Sorry for the severe lack of material around here lately, I've been too busy becoming famous! Well at least Internet famous, and everyone knows that's the best kind of famous right? Here's some links to my awesomeness and some other things that are worth checking out. Enjoy, I promise I won't suck so hard next week.

I'm Awesome!

My breakout appearance over at The Royal Half in the smash hit Know Your Opponent! Yes it's the start of some seriously big things!

My Hockey Confessions at High Heels & Hockey! I'm prepared to dodge bullets for this one.

Other Links!
The NHL's new ad campaign "Because It's the Cup" via Puck Daddy. I personally am not a huge fan, but it's probably only because "History will be made" was awesome. Nothing will ever top Teemu in the "No Words" commercial.

New Hockey Hugs!!!!!! My favorite feature ever!

John Buccigross, who I love BTW suck it haters, shows everyone some hockey lingo.

I don't usually dwell over at HFBoards but I make two exceptions. One is for random pictures people post and two is Sharks game day threads. They are seriously awesome. There's something even more awesome though and that's super Sharks fan MaFooFoo's ridiculous avatar. It's gotten seriously disturbing over the past few weeks, scroll down the page for it's amazing progression from upset to suicidal.

I love Puck Huffers 90's throwback game recap of the Penguins v Jets game. Memories.

Pass it to Bulis is passing out a public warning. The Canucks are Zombies! Get your zombie apocalypse kits ready people, especially you Chicago and Boston!

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