Friday, April 6, 2012

OGOP Playoff Preview: Let's go out to the Movies!

It's playoff time! I know you're excited, unless your team didn't make it, then sorry. You should still be excited though since the best hockey of the year is about to be played. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a magical journey. It takes you through emotional highs and lows as you watch the story unfold in front of you, not unlike a movie. I know you see what I did there. Yes, I used my superior linguistic skills to explain why I chose a movie theme for my playoff preview. I'm pretty awesome sometimes I know. OK moving on. I've chosen 16 of my favorite movies to represent each team. Below are the playoff teams and a little description of why I chose each movie for each team. Obvious they aren't seeded, since the season isn't over yet. I will be posting a lengthy preview of each match-up later, once the final standings are in. Stay tuned!

St Louis Blues: Old School
The Blues have risen to the top with their old school style of play lead by The Godfather himself, Ken Hitchcock. You're my boys Blues! You know I had to do it.
Vancouver Canucks: Mean Girls
The Canucks are easily the hot chicks who everyone hates, but also wants to be. They're sorry people are so jealous of them, but they can't help it that they're so popular. 
Detroit Red Wings: Anchorman 
I'm pretty sure the last time the Red Wings missed the playoffs leisure suits were popular. They're kind of a big deal. 
Nashville Predators: Talladega Nights
There are a lot of similarities here. Two guys fighting to be the number one guy, a random European guy being thrown into the mix, and of course hillbilly fans. Shake and Bake! 

Chicago Blackhawks: Step Brothers
Two best friends who do everything together? Well the Blackhawks have TWO sets of those guys! You guys wanna go do karate in the garage? YEP! 
Los Angeles Kings: Dumb and Dumber
The Kings just don't have any idea what they're doing. Plus Dumb and Dumber is my favorite movie, and the Kings are my favorite team. Just when I think they can't possibly be any dumber they go and make the playoffs....and totally redeem themselves! 
Phoenix Coyotes: Super Troopers
I'm not gonna lie, I totally picked this movie for the Coyotes because I just picture them all with aviators and mustaches and it made me giggle. The Coyotes are in the playoffs? You are freaking out, man.
San Jose Sharks: The Hangover
The Sharks have sort been playing like they have a major hangover. They managed to sneak in to the playoffs of though, see everything worked out. But can you guys please put some pants on, it feels a little weird I had to ask twice. 

New York Rangers: I Love you, man 
The New York Rangers love each other. Seriously, they're just one big happy family. I love you Bro Montana. 

Boston Bruins: Dude where's my car? 
I totally just picture Seguin and Marchand as these two idiots. Dude we got matching tattoos! Sweet what does mine say? 

Florida Panthers: 40-Year Old Virgin
It's been a VERY long time for them. It's like they're playoff virgins all over again. You know what they respect the playoffs. They love the playoffs. They respect them so much that they stay completely the fuck away from them! Welcome back boys.
Pittsburgh Penguins: Night at the Roxbury 
There's literally no reason I picked this combo. I just really wanted to make a photo shop of Crosby and Malkin with weird silk shirts. You feel good? Roxbury good? You know it! 
Philadelphia Flyers:Wedding Crashers
Tell me you don't picture Giroux and Hartnell doing this shit in the off-season? Remember guys Rule #1: Never leave a fellow crasher behind. 
New Jersey Devils:Harold and Kumar go to White Castle 
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is set in New Jersey, pretty self explanatory. They're in Newark of all places. You know they're gonna get shot. 
Ottawa Senators: Superbad 
They're young and it's they're first chance to join the cool kids in the playoff party. Just don't wear a vest. You'll look like Aladdin. 
Washington Capitals: The Other Guys
No one seems to know what happened to the real Washington Capitals, but at least these other guys managed to get into the playoffs anyway. One day you'll get over that wall of anger, and when you do it will be glorious! 

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  1. Love love love. Laughed myself silly at the Phoenix Coyotes as Super Troopers. I'm a Kings fan and I totally get the Dumb and Dumber thing, but...dude.