Sunday, April 29, 2012

Semi-Final Match-Up: Philadelphia Flyers v. New Jersey Devils

The final match-up of the semi-finals is the Philadelphia Flyers versus the New Jersey Devils. If there's a slightly bitter tone to some of the content below I apologize, not really.

Philadelphia Flyers
The Flyers crashed the party of Pennsylvania harder than a bottle of Jack. They're moving on to another party in New Jersey, maybe you guys should bring extra protection for that one. 

"Alright guys let's give a toast to the Penguins, they need it after the way we fucked them last round!"

"All your women belong to me assholes!"

 "Hey Danny I got dibs on the blond."
"OK as long as I get the red-head. I've had this thing for gingers ever since Claude left the house."

The Flyers made quick work of their bitter cross-state rivals last round, and are looking to continue that success against another Atlantic Division rival. The Flyers high powered offense should give the Devils problems, but Bryzgalov needs to be better, a lot better. 

New Jersey Devils
Dude you went all the way from Florida and still didn't get those damn burgers? "No but we got some sweet plastic rats!" 
 "Dude Ilya we made it to the second round aren't you excited?"
"Whatever, I get paid either way."

 "Hey guys I have a question."
"Shut the fuck up Adam, and stop raising your hand what are you 12 or something?"

"Hey who put every one's keys all together, not cool!"
"No those are just Ilya's keys to his houses, cars, boats, trains, rockets....."

The New Jersey Devils barely squeaked past the Florida Panthers last round, but they're looking to bounce back against the Flyers. They play a strong defensive game, but if the speedy Panthers gave them problems, they might have a tough time against the Flyers. Marty will need to come up big to keep them in the series. 

The Flyers and Devils are no stranger to one another and that familiarity might make this a chippy series. The Flyers quick offense could give the Devils fits. It will also be interesting to see how the Flyers react to a team actually playing defense against them as well. 

I root for a team I hate. 

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