Thursday, April 26, 2012

Semi-Final Match-Up: St.Louis Blues v. Los Angeles Kings

Well we've reached the second round of the playoffs, and it's time for another super extensive and professional look at the match-ups. First up is the St. Louis Blues vs. the Los Angeles Kings! 

St. Louis Blues
The Blues partied their way into the second round of the playoffs! I guess being drunk is better than being hungover. Sorry Sharks! 

Man David Backes's wife is a lot different than I pictured her.

The Blues will kick your ass in a rhythmic dance competition. Don't even try and compete.

 "Dude we're playing the Kings next round."
"Man I can't wait to see those hotties in LA!"
"Yea man I know that Bernier guy is pretty fucking sexy!" 

The Blues kicked some San Jose Shark ass in the first round, or as I like to call it, lulled me to near death. Seriously that series was snooze worthy. Hopefully this round will be more exciting, HAHA who am I kidding? The Blues play a tight game, and will have Elliot in net (since Halak won't be available for the first two games), so don't expect them to light the lamp too often. Don't expect them to give the Kings too much room out there either, this series might just be 0-0 forever.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings just keep on succeeding, no matter how much it looks like they can't. No idea how this happened, but damn it feels good. 

"I don't know why people keep thinking we're a couple."
"I know man, it's not like we're grabbing each others junk like Doughty."

"Hey Anze you think I can hit the net with the cork?"
"Why don't you try and hit the net with the puck first."

"Oh what we're playing the Blues!"
"Fuck...we're screwed."

I know, I have no idea how the Kings are here either. They really took it to the Canucks in those first three games. I don't know who these guys are and what they did with the real Kings, but I hope they stay forever. Shit I was so convinced the Kings weren't going to make it I had my Mean Girls pictures all ready to go. Well I'm not doubting them anymore. Believe baby, believe. 
The Match-Up: 

The Kings and Blues both play a defensive style of hockey, and many people think this series is going to be super boring. Of course that means they'll be more scoring in this series than any other, that's just the way these playoffs have gone. This series is really going to be about the goaltenders though. Can Elliot show up Quick? Or will Quick prove himself, once again, to be a Vezina candidate (yay!) goalie? 

I fall asleep at least once during a game, not because it's boring, but because I'll be really drunk. 

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