Saturday, May 26, 2012

Your Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils Christmas card.

The Stanley Cup final match-up is all set now thanks to the overtime heroics of the gorgeous man, Adam Henrique. The New Jersey Devils will take on the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday night at Prudential Center in Newark for game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. Right now though here's the last time I'll say nice things about the Devils until the end of the series awesome photos from their series clinching win over the New York Rangers.

Those are some seriously happy people right there. I would be happy too if I got to hug Adam Henrique.

Oh sweet man love.

Just so much happy, except Hedberg he seems indifferent.

Adam Henrique requests all of the hugs!

New York Rangers...stunned.

Oh you.

Zach Parise's face, my goodness.

Yea I know you're adorable, I get it.

Zach Parise is always camera ready. I'm seriously going to lick the glass at Staples Center when you skate by me.

Come on Zach, you know you wanna touch it.

Marty is so happy you would think someone bought him a lifetime supply of cheeseburgers.

My Lord what an epic hug.
Zach Parise is so uncontrollably happy.

Don't crush poor Stephen Gionta! He only wants love!

"I love you glass!"

Damn Kovy! Getting come series air.

"Yes I get to hug David Clarkson's beard!"

I like pictures of Adam Henrique if you couldn't tell.

Congratulations Devils! I can't wait to breath heavily on the glass at you next week. Please don't file any restraining orders.

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  1. Devils are the best ...great plays hockey!
    I hope to see hockey back in general