Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creeping on Stanley: Late-Night Party!

Dude, I wanna party with Matt Greene.
Creeping on Stanley is a feature I'll run throughout the summer, and it's exactly how it sounds. I will be keeping you up to date on where Stanley is, and the shenanigans that ensue. First up, is the Kings visit to the local LA late night talk shows, and a few more party pictures!


Quick can spray that champagne like a champ. Is there anything he can't do?

Seriously, holy shit Greene! I gotta party with this guy!

God damn that looks like fun.

Jarret Stoll creeper pic.

TMZ got the scoop on the after party!

Thanks for clarifying who Jonathan Quick was TMZ.
Dustin Brown's kids are just living the dream.
Mike Richards tweeted out this glorious picture.

Greene lurk in the back.

This picture, my lord. I love it so much.

"I love you so much Stanley. I'll never let you go."

"Yea I'm just hanging out next to the Stanley Cup, no big deal."

Blue Jays hat? Check. Cowboy hat? Check. Drunk as shit? Double check. (PS: Does Drew Doughty shave his arms???)


Leno clearly surprised at Brown's lack of teeth right now.

Oh Captain <3

So much love.

Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel!

Damn look at Fraser's facial hair!

"Hello there Mr. Cup! I'm Kevin, it's nice to meet you."

24 hours later, still drinking.

Ok, who let Martin Short in there?

Everyone looks drunk, except Stoll, who looks absolutely insane.

Chug it Short!

All the Kings players are that kind of drunk where you need to get really close to other people's faces.

Trevor Lewis is clearly not hammered enough for his teammates liking.

I just love how Westgarth is so excited.

Scuds needs more beer!!!

"Do you see that light? It's beautiful guys!"

"Do you see this cup? This is my cup! MY CUP!"

"Hey guys, I'll be right back. I need some alone time with Stanley."

Adorable. He's hugging the cup like it's a teddy bear.

Ridiculously drunk Drew Doughty, is my favorite Drew Doughty.


Cheeto's face is at the Flamin' Hot stage right now.

Holy fuck I forgot what Kopi looked like without the beard. Maybe bring back the beard...



  1. i lament the demise of the ginger beard (I am a ginger, & yes, we have a weird thing (most of us) for ginger guys!)) I think the Kings might need a dentist, though! :-) As they say, "may the best man (or team) win," and definitely it was the Kings this year! Congrats, again! (now if it had been "may the best-LOOKING win," the 'Yotes or the Devils would have been hoisting the cup! ;-) Thanks, again, for the fair coverage of the 'Yotes (yes, they have pretty eyes!) & of the Devils (oh, Adam Henrique & David Clarkson!!!) Well, as a native here, I reckon I'm just gonna have to visit Lord Stanley some time soon! (Chocolate milk all around!) :-)

  2. Okay, third picture from the top, girl in the top left corner... looks like a velociraptor? "YES, I'm getting lucky with Mike Richards tonight!!"

    Also, the one that you captioned "All the Kings players are that kind of drunk where you need to get really close to other people's faces". I think they are actually watching Dustin Brown pee into the Cup

    1. haha OMG that chick's face and yea WTF is Brownie doing hahaha these pictures just keep getting better the more you look at them.