Thursday, June 14, 2012

Creeping on Stanley: Super Late-Night Edition

It's super late, but I came across these photos from the Kings partying with the Stanley Cup at Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood tonight and I had to share them. Enjoy!

Willie Mitchell parties harder than anyone.

Justin William still wearing that hideous shirt from earlier today.

Jeff Carter's relatives also made it to that party. It's nice he's making it a family affair.
(Late Addition) For real though, how long until someone drops the cup? Crazy Kings...
I have no fucking clue who decided to go to this place for a Stanley Cup party, but whoever he is he's a freak.

Best part of this picture: Cheeto photo bomb in the left corner.
Stoll don't act like to don't like all the hoes touching your cup.
This a man in a sports bra, skirt, and fishnets with the Stanley Cup.

Willie and Kopi partied so hard tonight!

Trashy girls and Kyle Clifford, only in LA.

"Man this silver thing is so cool! Let's get drunk next to it! This is what the basketball teams get when they win right?"

Even the camera that took this picture is drunk.

Come on boys you gotta share!

Kopi is the official drink giver apparently.

No joke, this was tweeted out and the tweet said, "He's cute, wish I knew more about hockey. I'm more into actors." Wow.

Seriously, how out of place does Clifford look?

"Hey man, do you think you can tweet out this picture. Thanks, maybe I can get discovered. I'm an actor by the way, here's my head shot."

So much herpes in the cup right now.

"Hey take a picture of me with this thing. Make sure you get my good side."

Screw the players, Stanley is the real star!


  1. Noticed Pens was wearing his wedding ring at the Rally. I don't think he was wearing it on this night lol. The stache attracts the ladies.

    1. something tells me Penner's not gonna have any problem getting ladies any time soon.

  2. As long as he doesn't marry them. His skills on the ice seemed to be affected by the drama of marriage lol. He plays better single.

  3. who the person in this picture picture?