Friday, June 29, 2012

Creeping on Stanley: Tour of LA

The Stanley Cup has had a relatively safe week compared to the wild adventures in Vegas. The Cup has been making a few appearances around town here in LA, and has been getting loved by some Kings fans.

The Stanley Cup on top of the Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles. This is easily one of my favorite Cup pictures so far.

Bailey, come on now, give the Cup back.

Nice faded jeans Jarret.

If you're going to take a picture of Stoll from this angle, go a little lower and get a picture of what's underneath that shirt.

I wonder if the people who own the houses right there in Hermosa Beach were pissed about this parade.

I'd be pretty happy too if I just signed a three-year contract to hang out on the beach and bang hot chicks.

The Stanley Cup made it's way to the LA Times.

Someone put their small baby in it.

"We got the Cup!"

I wonder if she looked for Brad Doty's name on the Cup.

The Stanley Cup is very popular among weathermen.

The Stanley Cup visiting some LA firemen.

Dustin Brown looks so uncomfortable on that red carpet.

Fuck you Spiderman! Back Off!

Dustin Brown also took the Cup to the Manhattan Beach pier. He apparently gets unlimited days with the Cup because he's American, and awesome.
The Cup at Bob Miller's star!

Stanley's new record deal is in the works.

Don't fret citizens, Stanley is on duty!

Stanley doing a little shopping on Rodeo Dr.
Stanley goes to college.

Gotta work on those guns at Muscle Beach.

The Cup at the Third Street Promenade, typical LA day I guess.

Stanley taking a break on a bench in Santa Monica.

Star Maps should include the Stanley Cup.

A little lunch break at Pink's.

White glove service is common in Hollywood.
Stanley has to be fair, but he's really a USC fan.
Per request, Stanley at the Forum!

No offense celebrities, but Stanley is the biggest star in Hollywood these days.

As always I'll keep doing the Creeping on Stanley feature throughout the summer. I'm sure they'll be more posts once the players days with the Cup happen. If you want to keep up the Stanley, follow me on Twitter, and I'll keep you posted.


  1. Need a pic of Stanley at the Forum... Just for us old timey fans.
    Thanks for the share. Good stuff.