Friday, June 15, 2012

Creeping on Stanley: Vegas Vacation

The LA Kings wasted no time getting back to partying after their victory parade today in downtown Los Angeles. The boys jetted off to Vegas shortly after the parade and rally finished, and of course the Stanley Cup came along. Here's some pics from Stanley's big night out in Vegas!

First stop, TAO nightclub.

Blurry picture, but that's Jeff Carter escorting Stanley into the club.

I can only imagine the horrible things that await Stanley tonight. Just make sure to clean off the Cheeto dust when you're done.

Stanley in the middle of a Kings sandwich. It's every slutty South Bay girl's dream.

"Come on Stanley, you've had too much to drink."
All eyes on Stanley all the time!
This is just a great fucking picture.
The Stanley Cup has to be exhausted by now, right?
Surprisingly this isn't the drunkest team photo this week.

It was only a matter of time before Paulina Gretzky showed up right?

Is that Carter making that creepy face behind Lokti? WTF?

Mike Richards tweeted out this picture saying "Going to be a great day with the Stanley Cup" 1.) Mike it's clearly nighttime in the picture. 2.) How wasted do you have to be not to notice this? 3.) I need to party with Mike Richards.
UPDATE: Here's some pictures from the next morning were Stanley took a dip with some of the Kings at Wet Republic.
Richardson does not like that the person taking this picture is checking out Stoll's abs.

Mike Richards has dumb fucking tattoos.

A bunch of half-naked men playing with a cup. Nothing strange about that.

"Look a big silver thing!"

Carter sees you creeping.

This whole team is so God damn white!

Richards and Carter have matching sunglasses. That is so adorable.

I see shirtless Simon Gagne back there...brb going to Vegas!

He's not pointing at the Cup, he's pointing to all the shirtless hockey players in a shallow pool.

"Hey guys you know what would be fun? Let's all take our shirts off and take a picture with the Stanley Cup!" (Richards and Nolan were not down with this plan apparently)

"Dude I just chugged a beer from the Stanley Cup"--some lucky bastard.
LOL so awkward.

Everyone was down for the shirtless picture this time. I hope the Cup gets sanitized after this weekend.
If you really want to, you can pretend the players are actually naked in this picture.

Possible naked person in background, Drew Doughty in a Blue Jays hat in the foreground.
Epic Creeper Pic right here.
LATE NIGHT UPDATE: The Kings and Stanley are at Hyde nightclub tonight!
The boys and Stanley in the Bellagio getting ready for some clubbing.

Loving the grand entrance for Stanley. It's about time people!

Awesome fucking picture.

Apparently they're letting Carter handle the cup tonight. Pray for Stanley's safety.
Stanley at his perch. There's girls in the background of the photo for the first time on this trip.
That is the happiest (and drunkest) anyone has looked while getting their picture taken with Stanley.
Man I didn't expect the Cup to be this delicious!

Mother Fucking Champs!!!!!!
Is it just me, or does that guy look like Steve Irwin? Did he come back from the dead to party with the cup?????
The world's supply of confetti has been used for Stanley the last few days.
So awesome. I'll never be sick of seeing Kings players life the Cup.
Drunk Drew Doughty is my favorite Drew Doughty.


  1. Forever laughing at the caption on the last photo... Well done.

  2. oy what i would do for a night with doughty and the cup

    1. From what I understand spending the night with Doughty isn't difficult, but getting the Cup there would be tricky.

    2. ummm i've got standards...i refuse to fan girl unless the cup is in the immediate vicinity

    3. haha I'm with you on this. No cup, no fangirl lol

  3. HAHAHA yeah dude. Love the last caption because it was exactly what I thought when I saw his tweet.

  4. love this team but these pictures beg the question.... why don't our boys have chest hair!! was there a groupon for some chest waxing??

    1. haha I know I thought the same thing. Gotta be smooth for the boys...err I mean ladies