Thursday, June 21, 2012

NHL Awards Recap: Suit Bunny

I haven't actually watched the awards show yet. Will I? Maybe. I already know who won all the awards, and I didn't have to suffer through Nickelback. So, in my book, I won. What I did do though is get a bunch of pictures of the players in their suits, because that's really all we care about right? Enjoy.
(PS: The term Suit Bunny is copyrighted by one of my favorite people and blogs Protect This Throne. Do not use without expressed written consent.)

You knew this would be the first picture. Just accept it.

I missed your face.

There's a shit ton of Hank pictures coming up. You've been warned.

News Flash: Herink Lundqvist is still fucking beautiful

"Hey Girl, Hey!"

"I can say fuck casually on TV too."

"This isn't the real trophy is this? It's kind of small guys."

Hank's serious face, or just Hank's sexy face.

Sweet trophy.

If I won the Vezina I would want Lundqvist as my trophy.

"I'm the best goalie in the league."

"Cool story Hank."

Nice three piece suit Brownie.

Quick is still drunk.

Look at Quick signing autographs for children. I didn't see Hank doing that.

Another three piece suit? Ok then.

You may have lost the Cup, but I'm sure I can make you forget about that.

Take me now Adam.
"Make sure you get a good view of my cheekbones."

I have also missed your face, and flow.

Still rocking that creeper stache I see.

Erik actually looks good in pink. Of course he does. Flawless Swede is flawless.

Speaking of flawless Swedes...HELLO GABE!

I'll adjust that tie for you...right onto the floor with the rest of your clothes.

You are not real. No one is this perfect.

"Look at me with my perfect trophy, my perfect face, and my perfect smile." Jerk...

Not give me that face Gabe.


"I don't know who this old guy is, but his wife totally wants to bang me."

Is that a plaid fucking suit!??!?!

"I'm not nominated for anything, I'm just here because it's in Vegas."

"Oh hey there baby, I'm Patrice, it's nice to meet you."


Chara is tall. Just FYI.

Joffrey Lupul looks surprised to see the camera, I'm surprised to see Joffrey Lupul. It's been a while man.

What's up Jordan Eberle? How have you been?

I see why Brian Elliott was in a hurry to end his season. Damn girl!

The Nuge!

He looks like he's one of the players little brothers, or one of their kids.

Russian love )))))

Geno get on stage.

Geno give speech.
Geno win all trophy. Girls Love )))))


  1. these are hilarious & awesome. MORE PLEASE!!!

  2. I am a straight woman, but I still can't get over how pretty Elliott's girl is.