Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stanley Cup Final Game 2 Recap: Cheeto Time

Everyone come to Cheeto!
The Los Angeles Kings continued their ridiculous road dominance tonight, and are an insane 10-0 this post-season. They currently hold the NHL record for consecutive road wins with 12, dating back to last year. I mean holy shit, right?
Mike Richards can't believe it either.
While the Devils were fantastic tonight, once again the Kings just found a way to win. The Devils were down right dominate for long stretches, but Jonathan Quick shut the door early and often.
WTF are those headphones?

"Devils try and take my head off, goes up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final"

Quick doesn't even need a mask anymore, he stops pucks with his mind.

"Fuck you puck, I own you bitch!"
Every time I see Quick make a save, I just say "Ouch!"

Drew Doughty had an insane coast-to-coast goal, that showed everyone why the Kings pay him 7 million bucks a year. Damn that's a lot of money!
Yesterday was National Donut Day. Today Drew Doughty had an amazing goal. Coincidence? I don't think so.

"Hey guys! I'm fucking awesome!"

Giving Quickie some love! Swoon.
Drew Doughty: Sassy Pants.

Of Course, the big goal came in overtime, this games hero was Jeff Carter. Cheeto gave a big middle finger to everyone who says he doesn't do shit in the playoffs. You go Cheeto Cheese Puff!
Greene, you know Carter can't take a hit! Don't injure him!

Damn Fraser! Save some for the plane ride home.

"Oh, you're right, I just disappear in the playoffs"

Messed up hair, loose tie, sleepy eyes, yep this is definitely what Carter looks like the morning after. Take me right now so I can confirm this to be true.

I know your beard is itchy, but it's just so glorious and ginger.

"Secret lovers, it's what we are."
Now the series will shift to Staples Center, and the Devils must respond or this series will be pretty much over. Both teams will make adjustments before Monday in hopes of keeping the dream alive. This series is still far from over, and it's the Stanley Cup Final, so anything can happen.
Holy Shit! A Sutter smile! The Stanley Cup Final is truly the most magical time of year.


  1. Have you ever seen a goalie get his head sat on til his helmet came off, twice in one game?? I know Quick is cute and all..

    1. LOL I know, I'm surprised he didn't hack someone. He usually lets the guys know he's not gonna take their shit, but he was oddly composed.