Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Recap: Beard Assassination

RIP ClarksonBeard. We hardly knew ye.
The New Jersey Devils avoided the sweep Wednesday at Staples Center, and forced game 5 back at The Rock on Saturday. That wasn't the biggest shock of the night though. No, that title belongs to the noticeable absence of facial hair from the New Jersey Devils players, namely Clarkson and Henrique.

Why Adam? Why would you do this?
While Henrique looks like a total pedophile with his creeper stache, David Clarkson is still incredibly foxy without his glorious beard., just yes to everything.
There was also a chick with amazing titties behind the Devils bench.
I was at this game, but that didn't stop me from seeing the creepiest, most uncomfortable intermission feature of all time.
What is happening here? Who wears a suit on the beach? I'm so scared and confused, just make it stop.
Seriously, Pierre? Just leave Mike alone. He's clearly terrified that you've been following him around since he was 17. I literally cringed through this whole thing.

Finally, here's some pics from warm-ups and the game intro taken by me! Pretty cool I got to attend a Stanley Cup final game. (PS: Sorry to all the Kings fans. It was my fault they lost. I didn't sit in my usual seats, where I hadn't seen a lose all year. I can't apologize enough.)
I can't see "Stanley Cup Final" on the Staples Center ice enough.

I love my seats. I promise I'll never leave you again.

What's up Penncakes?

I see you Mike Richards.

Creepin on the Devils.

Hi Henrique!

Some dude in a chicken suit. Bizzare.

Hey there Carter!

Creepin so hard on Cheeto right now.


My way of knowing if Drew Doughty is going to have a good game, is if he's bumpin to the pre-game music. He's a big Jay Z fan apparently.

Awesome foam glow stick things were handed out.

It looked pretty sweet from my seats.

Get out of my pic bitch!

Guy with giant head in front of me, but still a pretty amazing scene. This is one night I won't forget.

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