Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings

It's real! It's really real you guys!

Tonight the Los Angeles Kings did the unthinkable, they FINALLY are the champions. I can't believe I'm typing the words 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. I mean holy shit! For a franchise that has done nothing but disappoint their fans, tonight was pure bliss. Tonight was quite honestly the best night of my life. I've been waiting for this night for over a decade, and many many more have been waiting much longer than that. I cried like a baby, and I smiled uncontrollably. I was a glorious mess, and I've never been happier. I didn't think I could love this team more than I already did, but after watching Dustin Brown lift that beautiful trophy over his head, I can say I've never felt this kind of love for them before. Even as I write this I'm overcome with emotion. Who knew a team of players I've never met, and a trophy I've never seen in person could have this effect on me. I know I speak for every Kings fan when I say, thank you. Thank you for all the shitty years, because it makes this so much sweeter. Thank you for believing in yourselves, even when others didn't. Thank you for making me sob uncontrollably. Thank you for making me feel emotions I didn't think I could. Thank you for giving me these amazing memories. Most of all, thank you for always being there. No matter what has been going on in my life, or how bad things might seem, I've always had you. Congratulations boys, and congratulations Kings fans, you've earned this!

Now enough sappy shit, there's a TON of amazing pictures after the jump (warning: this page may take a while to load)...

Drew in the zone before the game aka rocking the shit out of socks and sandals.

Jonathan Bernier: expert bench supporter

I mean holy shit guys!

"See you soon Zach...I mean..."

Dustin Brown's wife with their adorable children!

Daddy Scuds! So cute!

Anze can't believe it either.

If this just isn't a giant middle finger to the haters, I don't know what is.

Just look at these nerds...man I love them.

So much pure and amazing joy.


Jonathan Quick's child is just too cute.

Fuck yea Dewey!!!

First ever zombie cup winner!

Oh Simon...

I love Jeff Carter so much.

Richards fan boys somehow invaded the locker room. Pierre probably sent them.

Mike Richards you glorious man.

"Dude we won the cup!"

Happy derpy captain.

Is Drew petting Dustin?


Kyle Fucking Clifford bitch!

Oh sweet man love.

Willie Mitchell: Happiest man on the planet

I expect pictures of you eating delicious pancakes out of the cup!

Darryl Sutter, happy and overjoyed. It's terrifying.

And now announcing the engagement of Mr. Mike Richards and Mr. Jeff Carter.

Fucking beautiful.

Seriously, cutest kid ever.

Justin Williams, always stealing the spotlight.

Perfect hair as always.

Oh you...

Pang is so secretly angry he doesn't have those flowing locks.

Goofy Kopi, so adorable.

Now we know how all those kids happened.

Jeff Carter is already drunk.

Drew's bros are so jealous or madly in love with him, I can't tell.

Look Ma I did it!

Richie is such a proud boyfriend right now.

Trevor Lewis in the process of eating shit.

Oh Captain My Captain.

Justin looking onward for who to love next

So much love.

Adorable children alert!

Let me love you!!!

Man love pile!

Stoll and Greene in a lovers embrace.

Give Kopi the hug he requests!

Dude that fan! I think he gained flight.

Victory Screech!

What is this? Sutter happy!

Donut Cup party!

No dry island here.

Fuck yea Willie Mitchell!

M-V-P M-V-P!

Tequila for everyone!

Scuderi's face with the victory tonight.

Crossing Streams!

"Guys! Not in the eye!"

So fucking beautiful!

Filthy Cheeto cup win!

I can only imagine the drunk pictures to come.

Fill that bitch up!

Jeff Carter is really good at spraying that in people's faces.

For real, Mitchell is partying it up!

Chug that shit Willie!

Poor, Poor Flyers fans.


I love you my zombie teddy bear.

Phone call for Mr. Holmgrem.

Ladies of the South Bay, the second line is coming for you!

More adorable children pics!

Cup in one hand, beer in the other. Jeff Carter is a natural.

Carter is way too turned on by this.

This isn't the first time Carter has handled a cup.

Oh Kopi, so drunk.

I don't like the way Jarret Stoll is looking at me.

Seriously, no one partied harder than Willie Mitchell tonight.

Damn Scuds you're getting that champagne everywhere!

Vodka chug for Lokti!

Cup molestation.

My two favorite men!

Just look at that patch of destruction they left behind.

Mike Richards, Stanley Cup Champion!

"Hey guys, make sure you get a good pic. I have a few people I want to send it to."

The passing of the goalie torch.

I don't care who you root for, you have got to love Willie Mitchell right now.

Is it just me, or is there something very sexy about one man holding the cup up to another man's mouth? Just me? Ok then.

It looks like Mike Richards agrees with my question above. Serious tongue action.

Every time Drew takes a picture, he's holding another drink.

Come here man!

Weirdest position to drink from the cup ever.


Dustin Brown has too many children.

But they are super cute!

And he loves them. Awww....

No Penner that's not maple syrup.
Seriously Flyers fans, I'm sorry.

Oh my boys...

"That's Ok Hank you take that Vezina, I'll take my cup and Conn Smyth."

I'm still digesting this right now. It doesn't seem real yet, but I know I'm going to enjoy the summer!


  1. Congrats! It was exiting to watch! Poor Marty Brodeur! But I loved the rapport with Marty & Jon Quick...very touching (old dog & young pup), LOL! As a Phoenix fan (who is a native San Diegan) I'm mostly over my loss & very happy for the Kings! (Though now the ginger beard will be a goner, waaaa!)

    1. I know RIP ginger beard :(. Hopefully we see it again next year!

  2. 1) Richards fan boys=his brothers.

    2) Is Jeff Carter ever going to let the Cup out of his hands? Cup hog.

    1. I love that those are his bros! No, Carter wants the cup always lol