Saturday, July 7, 2012

Creeping on Stanley: First Time For Everything

The Stanley Cup made it's first trip to Slovenia! Anze Kopitar's time with Stanley was a special one for the entire country. PS: Kopi was awesome about tweeting out a bunch of pictures of the Cup. He made my creeping super easy! Thanks Anze!

Random stickers on the Cup's case.


"I'll never let you go Stanley"

Kopi and his brother Gasper (WHO IS WEARING A DAMN BLUE JAYS HAT!)

No idea what's happening.
Kopi was getting really close with the Cup.
At least he has the decency to make breakfast for Stanley, even if it with really weird milk and cereal.

I've got 10 bucks on Stanley.

Anze really did do everything with the Cup.

Easily one of my favorite Cup pictures.

Is Stanley getting married?

Slovenian limo?

At least Kopi's brother changed his hat.


The Cup is a rock star.


  1. at the "No idea what's happening." photo they're at Kopi's grandad who has been making a special wooden pillar over the years on which he puts plates with every Kopi's major success engraved on. He has always been saving a spot for Stanley on the top and there it is.