Thursday, July 19, 2012

Naked Face Off: Final Four!

The final four men have been selected by you in the first ever Naked Face Off! As the field narrows the decisions get harder, and that's why this round I will feature a little info on each guy and why you should pick him. As if you didn't hate me enough already, I will also feature some pictures. So are you ready to see who made it? Of course you are!

Voting closes Sunday July 22nd at Midnight! You can vote as many times as you want for each guy!

I now present your Naked Face Off Final Four!  

#1 Gabriel Landeskog v. #4 Mike Richards

Oh yes, the match-up of your dreams (or nightmares because you have to choose). The flawless Swede versus the glorious Canadian. Let's take a look at why you should pick each one. First up, Mr. Landeskog.

I want you on top of me. Don't think, just do it!
There's not much else to say about Gabe that I haven't already covered in my Flavor of the Week feature of him, but I'll try anyway.

OK, since that feature Gabe won the Calder Trophy for rookie of the year, because he was hotter than the two other guys nominated. (Sorry, Adam. I still love you and your cheekbones.)
Shut Up! What do you want? Just take your pants off!

There's really not much else to say, I'll just leave some pictures here for your enjoyment.
I see we're still going with the "one size too small shirt" look. I approve.

Yea, you let that shirt just casually fall open. That's what mama likes.

I think I'll just skip the sushi and go straight for some Gabe please!

Have you recovered from that yet? Do you need a moment? OK....

Moment is over time for another round of sexy!

It's time to talk about Mike Richards. Oh yes, sexy, sexy Mike Richards. He's the pride of Kenora, and always down for a party in your pants.

Just...everything. You. Are. Perfect.

Yes, Mike, in all his bearded Stanley Cup Champion glory is so sexy. His snarky attitude and crooked smile give Mike just the right amount of smart-ass charm. In fact, I bet that little jerk could charm the pants off you right now!

Plus, he has a sweet boat. Bitches love boats. 
He also has an adorable dog named Arnold, who he shares ice cream with. I mean, what's not to like about this guy?
Aww...look at the puppy! Plus, look at that view! Damn!

Yes, Mike will charm your pants off, but really do you need to be charming when you look like this?

Screw charming, I just want to screw you!
So what do you think guys? Cast your votes! (This round will have unlimited voting, so vote for your guy as many times as you want!)

#2 Henrik Lundqvist v. #3 Jeff Carter

As you can see all the top seeds made it to the end. Well it's time to take a look at the #2 seed, King Henrik. 

Please refrain from licking your computer screen, that shit probably causes cancer.
Henrik is the second Swede on this list, because surprise, Swedish people are beautiful! Seriously, what's in the water over there? Hot damn! 

Henrik is also the second Swede on this list to win an award this season. He took home the Vezina, and looked damn good doing it. 
Henrik accepting his award for being incredibly sexy.
Honestly, I'm jealous of how pretty Hank is. I want to be as pretty as him, or at least be near him... naked. He even looks good just hanging out in sweats. 
Who just looks like this? His hair is always perfect!
We're all aware by now at the gloriousness that is Henrik Lundqvist, so here's another picture, because I can. 
Sure Hank is beautiful, but he's sure to face some tough competition from the #3 seed Jeff Carter. 

I chose a playoff beard picture, because...reasons.
Not to go all "50 shades of grey" creepy, but I've had some seriously naughty thoughts about Jeff and that tie. Can they do the naked picture with it...hmmm...sorry, moving on. 
I really like pictures of hockey players in golf gear. (Insert Leafs fan joke here.)

I also enjoy Jeff in a suit...or out of a suit. That suit would look good on my floor, just saying.

Of course, I can't have Richards and Carter on a list together without mentioning their love. It would be a difficult decision if these two had to face each other in the championship.

"Hey Mike, you'd vote for me right?"
 "Sure, Jeff."

So who's your pick? 


  1. Replies
    1. That was the closest match-up last round

  2. Voted for Jeff Carter and since I can't seperate Jeff and Mike. Mike beat Gabe who I love lol.

  3. Swedes vs. ex-Flyers, I see. GO, SWEDES, GO!

    I enjoy following Carts and Richie's timeless love as much as the next girl, but see them naked? Fer reals?

    1. Keep voting for Gabe and Hank! Tell your friends too lol

  4. Gabe is too young, Henrik is prettier than me. That leaves the two sexy Kings! They are both ridiculously great. It's got to be a tie and then you have to break the tie. Or not...:-)

  5. When does voting end?

    1. Sunday Midnight PT, I added it to the post. I forgot to add it the first time. That's what happens when you make a post at 3am lol