Friday, July 13, 2012

Naked Face Off Quarterfinals!

OK people round 1 voting has begun! You can vote for your favorite guy in each match-up. The format will be #1 v. #16, #2 v. #15, and so on. Each guys ranking is determined by the amount of picks submitted by you! I also submitted my five picks after all the picks were in. Now, I know you may be disappointed if your guy didn't make the top 16, but I hope there's a few guys in this list that you will also enjoy seeing naked. Voting will close at midnight PT on Sunday night, so get your votes in quickly! So without further adieu, here's your naked face-off quarterfinal match-ups!

There you go people the top 16 NHL players you want to see stripped down in ESPN Magazine! As you can see there's quite a few Kings players (hmmm...I wonder why?).Remember I have no control over this top 16, so don't kill the messenger. Anyway, make sure you get your votes in, and tell your friends to vote for your guy too! The semi-final match-ups will be up late Sunday or early Monday morning. Happy voting ladies and gents!


  1. Do you have any idea how hard it was to pick between Toews and Neal?!

    1. I do! The decisions will only get harder too, brace yourself.