Friday, September 21, 2012

Lockout Day 6: Get To Know the Blackhawks

Back in the day (like a few years ago) the Chicago Blackhawks were pretty much everywhere. They played in the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, they won the Stanley Cup, and Patrick Kane almost fell off a double-decker bus in Downtown Chicago. Oh memories....Well for those of you who missed it, or just want to revisit happier times, here's some awesome Blackhawks TV videos to lift your spirits.

This first video is one of my personal favorites, mainly because it features Patrick Sharp, who is beautiful. The Blackhawks know Sharp is gorgeous, and therefore followed him around. God bless you Blackhawks TV!

Then of course they realized Patrick Sharp is awesome, and they let him take a camera around Europe when the Hawks started their season there. (This is a six part series, but whatever you've got nothing better going on.)

Then of course there is this debacle (pre-warning it is PAINFULLY AWKWARD)

Yes that happened...and we all let it happen...again..with Christmas sweaters

Next up are two of my favorite former Blackhawks, and adorable couple, Kris Versteeg and Andrew Ladd.
Then of course, there's Joey the Junior Reporter

There's of course much more out there, but I'll leave that up to you. Now go ahead and resume your sobbing.

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