Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Are You Doing Without Hockey?

This post is really about nothing. I just wanted to see if any of you had figured out something fun or productive to do with your time during the lockout. I, of course, have been drinking copious amounts of liquor and watching every reality show known to man. It's a tough life. So what have you been up to? Have you switched to a different sport? Are you watching any good shows? Did you cure cancer? Let me know! Seriously, I will be genuinely interested. I have NOTHING ELSE GOING ON.

PS: Here's a video of Henrik Lundqvist getting dressed. I had no idea he just oiled his ridiculous body before putting on million dollar suits. The more you know I guess. It's ungodly the amount of times I've watched this video. I have no idea if I would have watched it this many times as I did if there was actual hockey happening. All I can tell you is that I've watched it so much it's just on loop in my head now. I CAN'T STOP. Just...fuck. I need help, but you already knew that.

OK leave some damn comments, or tweet your activities to me. Whatever. I'm bored.


  1. Well, since you asked... To cope with the heartbreak, I have actually turned to playing massive amounts of NHL 13 on ps3. So far I played a season in create a player and have already worked my way up through manchester to play on the first line with Richards and Williams. And need I say the dubious amounts of alcohol? I also found that watching the CHL passes the time...but it's just not the same thing. Honestly, the dream for me would be to join Pennercakes on one of those "#lockoutproblems" golf rounds he's always talking about...a guy can dream, cant he?

    p.s. I still can't register it in my head as to how your a Giants fan, but I love reading your blog anyway.

    Congratulations on the WS win btw <---(only time i'll ever say that to anyone)

    I hope you enjoyed my rant :)

    1. Thanks for your rant. I'm glad you found something to occupy your time. I have also taken the large amounts of alcohol approach. I happen to be a Giants fan because my family is from New York, and were New York Giants fans from back in the day. Random I know. Good luck getting Penner to golf with you. I think a friendly bet on Twitter might work lol