Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hockey's Sexiest Players: The Filthy Snipers

Ah the sniper, the "wham bam thank you ma'am" of the hockey world. They come in score a goal and very rarely do any of the dirty work beforehand. Sure they're selfish and often lazy, but GOD DAMN ARE THEY SEXY! Seriously, there is nothing that makes the panties drop faster than a filthy snipe! While a great two-way forward or shut down defenseman is great and critical for success, they're really not that sexy. No one ever said "The way that defenseman closed off the gap on the shooter right there really gave me a lady boner". No one, not ever! On the other hand, how many times have you gotten that special tingly feeling after a player just murders a goalie with a top shelf rocket? Yea that's what I thought. Sure we may admit that a sniper is really not necessary for success, they are simply a luxury for teams who have already built out their core. This is true, a sniper on a crap team is just adding to the problem, ummm Jeff Carter anyone? But a sniper in the right position on the right team can make women throw their bras and men question their sexuality (see Neal, James).

After the jump I'll show you just what I'm talking about. Ladies, get ready....

The Official 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Drinking Game

OGOP's first Official Drinking Game will feature my hometown team the Los Angeles Kings. Below is a game developed over the year by me, my friends, and my dad. I'm always willing to add if anybody has any suggestions. So for my fellow Kings fans, or anybody tuning into a Kings game, I present the Official 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Drinking Game!

Ladies and Gentlemen your Los Angeles Kings! (drinking game)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Flavor of the Week: Kris Versteeg

Flavor of the week is weekly feature on this site that will spotlight one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy. Warning: this post will be shallow and girly, but hopefully entertaining, and  maybe you'll learn something! My goal however is to completely objectify him, because hey why not? This week we will be featuring Florida Panthers Right Wing Kris Versteeg.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

NHL All-Star Game Recap: Ginger Balls!

Today the NHL held it's main event of the All-Star weekend, and as excepted is was probably the most boring part. I still enjoy it however, because it gives people a chance to see dream line combinations, hilarious banter between often heated rivals, and OMG WHY IS THERE A PICTURE OF BRIAN CAMPBELL'S BALLS!!!!! Seriously WTF? I just wanted to enjoy a nice hockey game, then I check my Twitter and there's that!!! SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!! Of course in typical fashion I will be showing you the picture. Why? Because I'm an awful person.  

Pre-warning this picture cannot be unseen!!!!!! Check it out after the jump if you want.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

All-Star Weekend Day 3 Recap: Flow City!

The NHL All-Star skills competition was held today, and it's arguably the best event of the weekend. It allows fans and players alike to see the amazing skills and personalities of the NHL's finest players. But the real reason it's the best event is it gives the players a chance to let their down, literally.
Giroux and Tavares discussing hair products.

Ah the flow! A hockey tradition for decades. It's one of the reasons hockey is superior to other sports, and the reason hockey players are always so easy to pick out. After the jump we recap a fun and record breaking skills competition, but mostly we'll also show you some pictures of hair flowing in the breeze. Enjoy!

NHL All-Star Weekend Recap Day 2

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Western Conference at the All-Star Break: A Visual Representation

Welcome to part two of my two-part special on the NHL at the All-Star break. Yesterday we focused on the Eastern Conference by showing a visual representation their first half-ish performance. Or in some cases just a picture of a cat. Well here's the Western Conference now. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eastern Conference at the All-Star Break: A Visual Representation

Well It's All-Star break time and every blog in their brother is going to evaluate where teams are in the standings. Guess what? This blog is no different O joy! But instead of giving you an in depth analysis of each team I will instead show you pictures. Who wants to read anyway? Pictures are much better! This will be a two part special, and we'll start in the East. Below are the standings as of right now.

All About Me

Well let's get this badboy going shall we? First a little more about me. I'm a college student in Southern California

(I know be jealous, that picture's from January I presume).

I kid, I kid! I love you Canada seriously, you gave us the sport I hold so dear. You also gave us maple syrup and for that we thank you!

Ok back to me, I'm currently studying in Public Relations, but since I'm poor it's only part-time. I'm also in culinary school part-time, mostly to get a job. In my spare time I watch hockey(shocker!), and apparently now run this blog. O yea and I'm a girl if you haven't figured that out yet. I'm also a Kings fan, which means I'm a masochist, but I also watch and unhealthy amount of hockey that doesn't involve the Kings.

A little about what I hope this blog will be:
Well I hope that this will be a fun and semi-informative blog. Probably won't learn too much, but hey fun I can do. I know a lot about hockey so some posts may be factual, while others will probably completely objectify the players(hey I am a girl, and single. Plus there's no harm in looking), and everything in between. So there it is people, a post will be coming later today. Enjoy!
Hi everybody! Just started up the blog, so it may be awhile before it looks ready. I'm just some girl with a serious hockey addiction, and I feel the need to blog about it. Hope you like it, if not then don't read it. I'll start posting more soon. Follow me on Twitter @onegirlonepuck. Warning, I don't hold back on language, but I'm always willing to share in my love of all things puck. Hockey hugs and kisses everyone! Join me on this journey won't you!

awwwww.....this is how I feel about you guys!