Monday, February 27, 2012

Fan Girls react to the Cody Hodgson Trade

I know how you feel sad fan girl.

NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog

Just woke up... Why is it do early????

Don't want to get out of bed

Found live stream, sweet. Not leaving bed.

Why are they reading tweets??? Didn't they learn their lesson from the All-Star game????

Is anything happening?? No? Why am I awake? Might take a nap.

Canadian commercials are strange.

O jeez twitter is a mess.

Jason Garrison? Please no Florida don't do it. I hope these guys are just bored and speculating.

Is this like this every year? So booooring

They have American Express in Canada? Why can't we get Tim Hortons down here then?

It's now 7am two hours in, nothing happening

So Rick Nash isn't getting traded? Great......

Haha Cam Barker is trade bait?? For what?

Paul Holmgren is insane. Hope he didn't take his meds today so at least some shit happens.

Jack Johnson on right now. Sad. I'm sorry JJ I miss you. But I do love Jeff Carter....

Dustin Penner was the worst trade last year according to TSN. Uhh no shit.

What is this eggies shit and why don't I own like 50???!!! Dustin Penner for six eggies straight up please!

Tits squared in Nashville? Woo full rack in music city sounds good.

Alright trade! Andrei Kostitsyn to the Nashville Predators for a second round pick and conditional 5th from the Hal Gill trade.That only took two and a half hours!!!!!!

Rich Nash creeper cam in full effect apparently. This is what we've come to.

My blueberry muffins are fucking delicious!

Someone do something!!!!!!!

Might take a nap.....

Some waiver wire pick ups....yawn

Clitsome (lol) claimed by Winnipeg Staubitz by Montreal

Brian Burke is feisty this morning lol

Steve Ott's voice is super nerdy. I still hate him.

Maple Leafs practice is more exciting that the trade deadline. Can we just stay on this feed until someone actually gets traded?

Mike Commodore traded to Tampa cue the Commie money pic!

Gilbert traded to the Wild for Schultz. Yawn.

Apparently the Wild are super sad about the trade. Depressing.

Second muffin. Let's go!

Schultz found out about the trade from the Oilers twitter. Brutal. I'd be pissed too.

Everyone on TSN is drunk.

Keith Aulie to Tampa for Carter Ashton(who?)Zzzzzzzzzz

Daniel Winnick and TJ Galiardi to San Jose for McGinn, Connelly, and some other dude. Finally a trade involving players I've heard of. Logan Couture is sad. :(

Canucks get Pahlsson for picks, starting to roll with the trades. Finally!

Sens trade Lee to Tampa for Matt "garlic fries" Gilroy.

1 hour until the deadline, shits starting to go down. Let's roll baby!

Johnny Oduya to the Hawks. Cue the Enzo puns!!!!!

What is this commercial? We're allowed to say pussy on tv? Canada is crazy!

Rolston to the Bruins.

Gaustad to the Preds. Nashville going for it.

Zanon to the Bruins for Kampfer.

John Scott to Rangers LOL.

Zach Kassian to Vancouver for Cody Hodgson! Holy shit!!!!!! Not Cody!!!! Why????

Also in the trade Gragnani for Sulzer. Fuck me Vancouver what?????

Sad face about Cody. He's my nerdy soulmate!

I think that's it. Ugggg gonna go cry about Cody Hodgson in a corner.

Kings still have Carter, I'm happy with Cheeto.

Crazy weather outside, nap time! Game in a few hours.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flavor of the Week: Michael Del Zotto

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be featuring New York Rangers Defenseman Michael Del Zotto.

Michael gives his selection as Flavor of the Week two thumbs up!

Stupid Shit I Found on the Internet: The Jeff Carter Edition

I better be invited to the wedding

Now that Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have been reunited in Los Angeles their amazing bromance can once again be rekindled. While they're busy sipping a milkshake together, from one straw of course, people with no lives on the internet have been creating photoshops and other shit of them. I thank you for that. I will now share them here for you, enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Got the Hots for Hockey Nerds!

I love hockey, this is a given, but I'm also a math major (nerd alert!). I know a girl who spends enough time online to sustain a blog is a nerd, shocking I'm sure. So of course when I hear about anything nerdy and hockey related I loose my shit, figuratively of course. I recently discovered Dave's Geeky Hockey, it's a blog run by a guy who makes geeky hockey jerseys. Score! Here's some of the awesomeness he offers.
That Pokemon jersey is happening, not even fucking around here.
I mean holy nerd balls! If he makes a storm trooper jersey I will flip the fuck out! There's so much more on his old blog Dave's Geeky Ideas. This guy is my hero!

But there is something that is more awesome than geeky hockey sweaters, and that's nerdy hockey players! I know I'm not alone when I say I like a player much more when I find out he's a huge nerd. It proves that even big dorks can be professional athletes, and that makes me happy. Pass it to Bulis did their always awesome research about the uber-nerd known as Cody Hodgson.
Cody looks exactly like Liev Schreiber.

Here's a little taste of nerd Cody.

Who listens to music on their Bluetooth? Nerds that's who!

"According to Brad Ziemer, Cody Hodgson was one of them:
I started really young,” [Hodgson] said. “My dad taught my brother and I the game and we have always played against each other and friends. I was actually in the chess club growing up until high school and then I didn’t have a lot of time to play competitively. I enjoy it. I like the mental aspect of it.”

He still plays a lot. If you ever see him staring into his cell phone, he’s probably not texting a friend. He’s playing chess.

No friends? Chess by himself? NERD ALERT."

Fun fact! I also was in chess club. Cody and I would have awesome nerd conversations I'm sure of it (Or we would just sit silently for hours playing chess).

That's my room Spiderman! Jackass!

Another awesome nerd is Jason Spezza.
Yes you're a mega goober, embrace it!

Just listen to this laugh and tell me you're not imagining his role in the next Revenge of the Nerds movie.
I love Jason Spezza.

My Boyfriend.

But the king of all hockey nerds has to be Phil Kessel. Seriously if you haven't experienced Kessel's social awkwardness you are missing out. Luckily for you I have compiled some of his pure uncomfortable greatness.
So much awesome.
Kessels awkward smile makes me giggle.

I feel bad for the guy sometimes, but this was just pure gold. 

You can tell a person is a nerd when they refuse to make eye contact. Kessel avoids looking at the guy interviewing him and the camera the whole time, almost too uncomfortable to watch.
I love you Phil Kessel. Never change.

Wow, just wow. Awkward around girls? Check. Super embarrassing laugh? Double check!

Stay nerdy guys!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flavor of the Week: Claude Giroux

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be featuring Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux. 

Yes Claude you. I know you're excited about this, I can see it on your eyes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Links Baby Links!

I find a lot of things I like from other hockey blogs and I'm sharing them with you here! Enjoy their genius.

No idea what this is.

Days of Y'orr NHL Valentines The funniest and most aweful thing I've found all week. Enjoy their sick twisted minds, I know I do.

Weird Canucks Dolls  Pass it to Bulis felt the need to share these weird dolls. I love that he critiques them also lol.

Fantasy Hockey with Ms.Conduct  I love her BTW. You should read all her stuff. Her take on the "baseball boyfriend" fantasy thing is good. I hope she develops a fantasy league next year.

Alice Cooper Coyotes Bobblehead This exists.

Should You Waive Your NTC?  Down Goes Brown answers that questions for you!

Flyers Rookies Making an Impression Great stuff from High Heels and Hockey!

Eklund is Crazy The PensBlog breaks down how exactly Eklund lit Twitter on fire about Rick Nash.

Bieksa has a nice Booty! PITB again, if you can't tell I love this site!

Pundays! The Royal Half always kills it with his showcase of the greatest puns of the week.

Chewing your Mouthguard is Sexy  2 minutes in the penalty box explains why hockey players chewing mouth guards is sexy! (p.s. it really is)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Vancouver Canucks: A Love Story

Let me start this out by saying I'm in no way a Vancouver Canucks fan. My hate for the Canucks stems back to the Naslund-Bertuzzi days. Keep that in mind while you read this. I do however rip on the Canucks too much here. So in order to balance this shit out I will explain to you my recent twisted love-fest with the "most hated team in the league".

I still hate you, I'm just confused.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flavor of the Week: David Booth

Flavor of the Week is a feature on OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him crush worthy/completely objectify him. Warning: this post is girly and shallow! But I promise it will be semi-informative, maybe. This week we will be featuring Vancouver Canucks left wing David Booth. 

Chris Higgins gets the full Booth embrace, jealousy ensues. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stupid Shit I Found on the Internet

I find a lot of shit on the internet. I search the internet for shit I'm gonna write about. I usually stumble across lots of random crap and most of it doesn't make it into the post. Well today I'm gonna share all the shit I found that didn't make it into the previous posts but was too good not to share somewhere. Sorry there's like 500 pictures, trust me this is not even a dent in the massive file I have. My computer is a scary place sometimes. I may of may not do this weekly, who knows. Enjoy!

I'm sorry I can't help it!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up: Gagner, Gomez, and a flying glove

Sam Gagner's answer to everyone for the rest of time.
The Kings trolled the NHL
Deam Lombardi is a crazy person.

Suck it NHL!!!!!!
Happy 1 yr Gomez!

Gomez then told everyone to Fuck OFF!!!!

Kevin Bieksa stood up for his man
2013 Winter Classic is going to be amazing

The 2013 Winter Classic should break records. Who's buying me a ticket? You know you want to.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hockey How-To: Picking a Secondary Team

Toronto, second in my heart. <333333

Picking a second favorite team is often a difficult challenge for a hockey fan. Everyone has their favorite team, whether you're born into your fandom, or establish it later in life you always have YOUR team. My team is the LA Kings, always has been always will be, but I also have my secondary team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Having that secondary team is a right of passage of sorts for a hockey fan. It's like taking the next step in your relationship with hockey, you love hockey and having just one team isn't enough. It takes dedication to invest your emotions in two different teams. Some people establish their second team organically, such as a parent or friend being a fan and you latching on, or by a magical shirt. It's an easy way to pick that other team, but for others finding that special second someone can be more challenging. Well I'm here to help! Here's a little how-to guide on establishing your hockey honey on the side.

  • Make sure your the team you pick is in the opposite conference of your favorite team. This will help limit those awkward games when your two teams play against each other. It's also good come playoff time, since your two teams won't be competing against each other to get in. 
  • Pick a team that has different qualities than your favorite team. Does your team play a defensive minded game? Pick a team who plays more run and gun. Your team has average goal tending? Pick a team with a Vezina candidate between the pipes. This helps avoid the redundancy of watching the same type of hockey over and over. It keeps things fresh and keeps you interested. 
  • Pick a team based on a player. Sure it seems kinda shallow, but if there's a player you just love why not root for his team? I know this gets a little tricky if he's traded, but hey it's worth the risk. 
  • Pick a team based on something stupid. Sounds weird right? Well say you like a teams jersey, or heritage, or logo, why not root for them and see where it goes. Often when your attracted to a team for a reason you can't explain they're a good choice for you.
  • Take your time and explore your options. Don't lock yourself up right away. Play the field a little. Check out some games and see where it goes. You may just pick a team without even knowing it. 

Now I know picking this team may be a little scary for those with commitment phobia. But don't fret there's another way of going about this. It's called the Hockey Fling! Personally I pick a new hockey fling every season. I base this usually on something random, this year my hockey fling is the Florida Panthers. I've always liked the Panthers, but never considered them one of my teams. Both the other teams I root have been terrible for years too, and I just didn't have room for another. This year they decided to redo half their roster and I was intrigued. They also decided to trade for Kris Versteeg and by now you should know how I feel about him. So I decided to replace my former fling, The Washington Capitals, with the Panthers. Yea it seems a little harsh to just throw away a team like that, but hey I gave them a full season of my attention and emotion, it was a good run. Will the Panthers stick next season? Maybe, who knows, that's the beauty of the fling you can end it whenever you want. Hey maybe your fling will turn into the real deal.

So get out there guys and girls and find that second team you'll love almost as much as your first!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Versus NBC Sports Game Day: Kings vs. Lightning

Fuck, seriously Kings why did you win that stupid fucking game? Could have drafted Stamkos FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK.

The Legend of the Cujo Shirt

The Shirt, The Myth, The Legend.
I'm going to be running a feature soon about choosing a secondary team. Well I figured before I did that I would tell you the story about how I chose mine. It's a story I like to call "The Legend of the Cujo Shirt". Enjoy!

I remember going to my first Kings game, I didn't wanna go, I was going through that phase where I hated everything my parents liked. I don't remember the game itself, but I remember the ride home after, and all I could think or talk about after that was hockey. I was hooked. I watched every game I could, I asked my parents for tickets for my birthday, I even wore Kings stuff to school every day. I surrounded myself with everything I could related to hockey, and along the way I obtained a Curtis Joseph Maple Leafs shirt. I have no idea where the shirt came from, I don't know if the shirt came before I established the Maple Leafs as my secondary team or after. I like to think that the shirt appeared one day and that sparked my fandom. All I know is that this shirt has become my lucky charm. I wore it all the time as a kid, as much as I could. The shirt was quite big for me when I was younger, but that didn't stop me. I've moved quite a few time since I was a kid, and I've gotten rid of a lot of my possesions, but one thing I've always kept is this shirt. I wear this shirt all the time still. I bring it with me when I travel, I wear it when I play hockey, I keep it near me whenever I need a little luck.

The other thing that this shirt has brought me is my love for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I loved watching the Leafs as a kid. They had that aura, the legendary franchise that my Kings could never be. They're an original 6 team, they're fans reach around the globe, and every game I watched on TV seemed so epic. Hockey Mecca is what the Leafs meant to me. Cujo was easily my favorite non-Kings player, what a goalie he was. Mats Sundin was such a class act, how could you not love him. Ever since that shirt magically appeared the Leafs have had a special place in my heart. I still love the Leafs today, through thick and thin I've been there. From Cujo to Kessel and beyond.

Got any great stories about why you chose the teams you root for? Share them in the comments or via e-mail. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flavor of the Week: James Neal

Flavor of the week is a weekly feature here at OGOP that will focus on one NHL player and what makes him so crush-worthy! Warning: this post will be girly, shallow, and possibly make some male readers uncomfortable! I will try however to make this post semi-informative and entertaining. This week we will be featuring Pittsburgh Penguins left wing James Neal. Enjoy!
Geno congratulates James on his selection of flavor of the week.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I Miss Alex Ovechkin

Honestly admit it, you miss Ovi. Yes I know he's still playing, I'm not crazy, but he just isn't really the same guy. Remember the days of crazy Ovi? Remember when you would watch a game and you just knew Alex was going to put on a show? I miss those days. I miss turning on a Capitals game and watching that crazy missing-toothed bastard terrorize opposing goalies and steamroll anyone who got in his way. Where have you gone Ovi????? What's wrong? Is it me, why have you forsaken me!!!!??? Ok maybe I'm getting a little dramatic here, but seriously what is up? Let's do some math shall we? (I know sorry, math major here! I gotta put that education to good use!)

Ovechkin's Career NHL Stats

Season       Team          GP     G      A       P       +/-       PIM    PP       SH       GW         S           S%
2005-2006  Capitals     81      52    54     106         2      52        21        3         5            425        12.2

2006-2007 Capitals 82 46 46 92 -19 52 16 0 8 392 11.7

2007-2008 Capitals 82 65 47 112 28 40 22 0 11 446 14.6

2008-2009 Capitals 79 56 54 110 8 72 19 1 10 528 10.6
2009-2010 Capitals 72 50 59 109 45 89 13 0 7 368 13.6

2010-2011 Capitals 79 32 53 85 24 41 7 0 11 367 8.7

2011-2012 Capitals 47 20 19 39 -4 24 8 0 1 171 11.7

NHL Totals                 522    321  332     653      84     370        106     4        53          2,697      11.9

All right I know not everyone is a math nerd like me, so I'm gonna break this stuff down. If you just want a summary of what I'm about to explain here it is.
  • The more Ovechkin shoots, the more points he gets
  • Alex's numbers have all been career lows lately, but he is slowly regaining his old pace
  • If Ovi continues to trend upward at his current pace he has the potential to have close to 100 points this season
If you want to know how I came to these conclusions, aka you aren't afraid of a little math, read on. If not just scroll to the bottom and check out some videos of Ovechkin doing crazy shit. 

Ovi has tallied only 39 points in 47 games so far this season (20g, 19a).

That's .83 points per game, that's behind last years average of 1.07.

He tallied a career low 85 points last season, and is on pace to score only 66 points this year (given he plays in the remaining 32 games for the Caps).

In Ovi's best season points wise (07-08) his PPG was 1.37.

Just for fun let's look at his PPG (Points Per Game Average) for all his NHL seasons.
  • 05-06 1.30 PPG
  • 06-07 1.12 PPG
  • 07-08 1.37 PPG
  • 08-09 1.39 PPG
  • 09-10 1.51 PPG
  • 10-11 1.07 PPG

Interesting stats when you consider Ovechkin has never ducked under the PPG level in his entire career. If he continues on this years pace it will be the first time ever he meets that unfortunate fate.

There is however a stat that I think really helps to put into perspective why Alex's numbers are down and that's his shots stat (denoted above in the "S" column). If you look at the chart Ovi has scored 100 points or less in only two seasons. In both those seasons his shots were under 400. The only other year his shots dipped under 400 was the year he played only 72 games (09-10). So what does this mean? Well it means that the more chances he gets  (i.e. shots) the higher odds are he'll get a point, pretty logical yes?

Well what does this stat mean for him this year? Alex is currently on pace for 287 shots. A career low by a WIDE margin. Ah, yes we see the problem. We have already established that more shots = more points, and with Alex on pace for a career low in shots it's quite obvious why he would be on pace for a career low in points.

Ok so moving on, there's one more stat that interests me, and that's shooting percentage (denoted in the S% column above. Shooting percentage is the percentage of shots that result in a goal ). Alex's career low was last year at 8.7%. It's no coincidence last year he also had a career low in shots, and a career low in points. What does this mean? It means one of two things, either he a.)had terrible luck, or b.)he started talking shots from lower percentage scoring areas on the ice. Option A is pretty much self-explanatory. Option B is more subjective, is there really a bad place on the ice to shoot? Yes, there is. You are statistically more likely to score from the slot (the area of the ice between the face-off dots) than you are from the face-off dot's to the boards. You are also more likely to score from below the top of the face-off circles to the goal line than you are from above them to the blue line.

So is Alex the victim of bad luck, or bad shooting? Honestly, it's a combination of both. He had a year where he was snake-bit, he just couldn't score. It happens to every player, what he did as a result is force plays and force shots from lower percentage scoring areas. When that happens you get a "chicken and the egg affect", which came first and which caused which. It put Ovi in a position where he was frustrated and understandably doubting himself. It also put the Washington Capitals into a tail-spin that they have yet to recover from.

Alex is the kind of player that needs that "swagger" to be good. He can't doubt himself, and he can't doubt his ability to score. He has to feel that every time he steps onto the ice his team is going to score a goal. Alex needs to be that guy, he leads by example out there. It is a fact that as Ovi goes, as do the Washington Capitals. So what now? Where does this leave Alex and his team? Well there's a glimmer of hope. Even though Ovi's shots are way down, his shooting percentage is right about where it should be. At 11.7% he's right on pace for a career average. Not great, but trending in the right direction. Hmmm...sounds a lot like how the Capitals season is going yes?

Let's take a look at Ovi's shooting percentage the last 20 games vs. the first 27. The first 27 games saw Alex at a 9.73 S%. Ouch. Not as bad as last season, but still far below average. In the last 20 games however Ovi is looking at around an 18.0 S%. Pretty impressive. It seems that whatever funk he has been in may have been lifted and his confidence has come back. All good things.

Now let's look at the points stat again for him this season. He's looking at that career low 66 points, again ouch. But let's look at this again but with Alex's stats from the last 20 games only. His PPG the last 20 is .95 with 19 pts. Again well below average but trending in the right direction. So what does this mean? Well if Alex remains scoring at the .95 PPG he has the last 20 he will end up with 30 more points the rest of season giving him 69 points, a career low.

So what gives, I thought Ovi was back? Well he is. Here's the thing, Alex is still playing below average but trending upward. Which means if Alex continues to trend upward at the same pace for the rest of the year he should be OK. For example, if Alex scores at least his career average of 1.29 PPG for the remaining games he will score 41 more points this year giving him 80 points. That will give him 80 points in 79 games, for a 1.01 PPG average, still a career low. But ah, there it is above 1.

Pre-warning the math is about to go crazy on your ass right now!!!!!!

But let's talk about Alex's trending upward percentages right now. I've separated the season into two groups the first 27 games and the last 20 games. In the first 27 games his PPG was .74, in the last 20 it has been .95. In the last 20 games his PPG has gone up .21. That is a 7.9% rate jump in 20 games. Let's say he continues to progress at the SAME rate, which means every 20 games his PPG percentage goes up 7.9%. That means during the next 20 games he will have 26.5 points. That would give him a PPG of 1.09 after 67 games. Let's say he keeps this pace the next 20 games which would mean he would get 35.1 points after 87 games. Ah, but there's only 79 games possible, so we deduct those games and get the number of points after 12 games at 31.9 (let's make is nice and round and call it 32.)

Ok sorry for the crazy math, if you didn't follow this is all you need to know. If Ovi's numbers continue to trend at the same rate they have for the last 20 games he will finish the year with 97.5 points (let's round it to 98). 98 points in 79 games is a 1.24 PPG, right about where it should be. So essentially if Alex regresses to the mean (math talk for getting back to the average rate) he has the potential to crack a 100 point season out. Yay Ovechkin is back people let's party!!!!!

Of course none of this math means anything because this is real life and anything can happen!!! So yay! I just wasted like 4 hours doing this b/c it means nothing, but hey I killed come hours where no hockey was happening and that was a success! Enjoy the following videos!

                                                                          Still seriously one of the greatest goals ever.

                                                    Holy Fuck Right???? Made that guy look like a junior player, unreal.

                                                  I'm pretty sure no one else on his team needs to be on the ice for him to score ever.

                                                hahaha what? who just stops like that, and no one can catch him? wow!

                         Does anyone have a better one-timer than Ovi? Really it's a bullet, completely unstoppable.

                          I've seen his patent speed up the wing, cut to the middle and snipe 1000 times and still never gets old.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Throw your bra at Sam Gagner!!!!

This meme took exactly 10 min to show up on HFBoards after the game.

Throw those bras ladies!!!!!

Gonna get laid tonight!!!!

 Sam Gagner of the Edmonton Oilers had an absolutely unbelievable night!!!! There are seriously no words that can describe how unreal it was. In one game Sam Gagner tallied 8 points, tying an Oilers franchise record with some guys named Gretzky and Coffey. He tallied a point in all 8 goals scored by his team. The last time someone scored 8 points in one game was Mario Lemieux on April 25, 1989. Sam Gagner was born August 10th, 1989. 

Congrats Sam!!!!!!
                                                                           Enjoy this piece of hockey history!!!!!