Saturday, January 26, 2013

Unlimited Yakupov Goal Celebration Gifs!

 Disclaimer! This post will straight up murder your computer! You've been warned! 

Now that my rage has subsided (almost), I can now properly give credit to Nail Yakupov for that insane goal celebration. I mean holy shit! First off, that game was a hot piece of salty ass garbage. The fans were throwing shit on the ice, the refs were high on acid, it was awful. Neither team played a good game, and for around 50 minutes of game time, NOTHING happened. Then a waived off goal, Jeff Carter trying to catch beer being thrown at him in the penalty box, and then this...

His celebration is just so ridiculous. The kid is the coolest though. It's the first goal he's scored that actually mattered. I can't wait to see what happens if he scores in OT, or a playoff goal. Can't wait for years of this guy. My favorite part though was the fans reactions to the goal.

HAHAHA. The fans were raging so hard during the game. The fuck you guy is just the best. I'm not even mad anymore. Sometimes you just have to laugh and accept it. You do your thing Nail!

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  1. By far my favorite hockey blogger. Or maybe it's just your bat-shit crazy love for the Kings and hockey. Either way, you rock.