Monday, February 11, 2013

I Will Cherish This Forever

I will never stop loving this. 
I love everything about it, I love everything it stands for. 
If I could marry a gif, this would be it. 
I want this to be shown at every major event of my life, because it's that important to me.  
I want this to be on loop somewhere at my house, and when I feel like shit, I can just look at this and be happy with the world.
I wish I could get this tattooed on my body somehow. 
I also want this to be shown at every Flyers game until the end of time. 
Shit, I want this shown at every sporting event until the end of time. 
I want to have this gif's babies. 
I want to grow old and gross with this gif. 
I want to do terrible things with this gif. 
Every time I see it, it makes me happier. 
I feel like this gif is my spirit animal. 
If I could only watch one thing until the end of time this would be it, and I would be happy about it. 
I love this. 
Thank you whatever omnipotent power that made this possible. 

Just in case you need even more amazingness click here and be prepared to enjoy hours laughing, crying, and feeling all sorts of amazing emotions you didn't know were possible. 

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