Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mr. Sutter Goes To Washington

The Los Angeles Kings (and the Galaxy, whatever) visited the White House today where they were congratulated and honored by President Obama. It was a quick ceremony, around 10-15 minutes, but Obama was able to troll about the Blackhawks pretty well. He's a fan, what can I say, he's got a lot to brag about this year. While the ceremony was brief, the whole day is one big celebration for your Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Here's some of the awesome pictures from the day.

I feel like there's a massive amount of people in this picture.

Where's Arnold?

Oh Stanley...

That short guy on the right just jumped in there...party crasher!

Pretty sure Dustin Brown didn't even put his teeth in.

So glad the Kings shared their day at the White House...

Not one smile was given by Darryl Sutter.
 So Dustin what did you do today? 
"Oh nothing just hung out with the Vice President."

Damn Willie...too bad you're Canadian because you would look damn good as our President.

You've got at least one vote over here Bob
Miller/Fox 2016!
Even Bailey was getting in on all the fun!

Jeez Richie just can't leave the Cup alone.

Muzzin looks like he's having a REALLY good time. 

Everyone who thinks this Let's Move panel is incredibly awkward raise your hand.

Of course now with social media the visit to the White House was captured by players and reports alike. 

Just look at this group of goobers.

Oh Davis....if you only knew how many people made this joke before you.
 Speaking of the joke, not everyone on the Internet got it. 

I didn't believe this was possible until....

America people, America.

Dustin Penner is every one of my relatives.

The Secret Service will be on your ass about this one.

Dustin Penner ladies and gents!

These kids looked thrilled to meet some dude in a suit. 

Scuds is just honest.

Jim Fox was like a kid at Disneyland today.

Yes back to work in St. Louis...for Jonathan Bernier.
Not the first time this year you've forgot to play the game before it was too late. 
(I'm kidding folks (only kind of), you can put down the pitchforks and torches now)

That's all for now, I'll add more pictures throughout the day as I find them. I'm so insanely proud of this team right now that I can only slightly make fun of them. Congrats guys! 

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  1. Foxy was awesome. I think he had more fun than the players themselves...

    Oh and I'd vote for WM as my prez just for his looks alone. Too bad about thay Canadian thing; but I'm willing to overlook it...