Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yay! New commercials! The new set of commercials came out in addition to the two that were already released. New team centric commercials (which are coming later in the post) and this AWESOME AND FLIPPING AMAZING ONE!!! It's entitled "Characters" and well just take a look...

HOLY MOTHER FUCK RIGHT? That is literally a plethora of all the hilarious shit we make fun of every day. What a commercial. This plays right into the theme the NHL is going with this year by catering to hardcore fans. You don't understand "Spezza laugh" and "Why you heff to be mad?" unless you really like hockey. I just can't get over all the little things that are stuck in there too like Torts and Zanon's beard right at the end. This is the match to the fan "weird" commercial, and it's absolutely perfect. Weirdo fans and equally weird players...this is our sport guys. Bravo again.

Next up are the team centric commercials, which are always a little more intense than the general NHL ones. First up is the ridiculously amazing Blackhawks. Since they clinched like 2 months ago, they've had a while to work on it.

This is basically a Toews and Kane love story set to intense music. "It's time to embrace a dynamic duo" kind of makes me laugh. What really makes me laugh though is the Columbus announcer making it into an audio clip for the Blackhawks.

Next up is the Penguins commercial...

Same intense music, they obviously have to be consistent with these. "It's time for stars to shine" is either a reference to the amount of star players on the Pens, or the amount of Dallas Stars on the Pens. Either way there's a lot of each.

Next the Canadiens...

The commercial is really an homage to the Canadiens storied history. "It's time to add to the rafters" is definitely my favorite line so far. I've also noticed they play the goal horn for each team at the end of the commercials. This became apparent after this commercial because Montreal's goal horn is the worst (sorry guys).

Up next the Bruins...

The commercial is basically just about Chara being a monster. "It's time to stand on the shoulders of giants" should have just said "Chara is a monster freak, all must hail to him or be eaten". That sounds pretty cool actually, missed opportunity NHL commercial makers.

Finally the Ducks commercial (gross)

First off, Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan isn't a thing anymore (except for the power play sometimes), just FYI guys. I know west coast games are on late and you need your beauty sleep, but yea...get your shit together. "It's time for ducks to fly" LOL REALLY? What a mess. I'm not that upset about it because it's just the Ducks, but if you fuck up the Kings commercial I will punch you in the beanbag!

Overall I like the commercials as a set. Let's hope they keep up the good work as more teams clinch playoff berths. I'm personally looking forward to the Columbus commercial. MAKE IT HAPPEN LUMBUS!

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